Sherry Leak Commission (2009)

Sherry Leak Commission
Sherry Leak Commission

I found this artist off this website: Her name is Sherry Leak.  She has a real manga feel to her art – and while a very different take on the Hulk – I really like it!  I asked for her to have Hulk vs. Valkyrie piece – and that is what she delivered – although that’s the most interesting attack pose for Valkyrie to take… is she flying?  Is she standing on the wall?  All I know is I was pleased with this piece.  Sherry was a wonderful artist to work with and I wish her lots of luck in the future! 

Have a great weekend – although I have been mucho busy lately I am posting pretty regularly – even though I’ve missed a few days.  The sad truth is… I have shown a great percentage of the collection.  Now, I didn’t say all – and I am still getting Hulk stuff from day to day – but most of the collection has been shown.  I do have a few big pieces to show you – I also will be picking up my Bowen Abomination statue this weekend – and my new passion is for collecting some original artwork – but truth be told – I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to post new things day to day.  That being said, I will make sure I post every time I have something new and plan on keeping this site up and running for a while, mainly because since I have started this site I have talked to, met, or just plain ogled over many of Hulk collectors out there.  We are a really great, and loyal and very helpful group of people – the people I have met.  I’ve enjoyed speaking with the many people I have met and look forward to continue meeting all sorts of people who visit my site.  I think I’m just rambling now, so… goodnight – have a good weekend – I will be back on Monday, and as always, thanks for visiting the site.

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5 thoughts on “Sherry Leak Commission (2009)

  1. looking for and urtist that can do urban art and take diretions and use my directions to get to the end project….

    I would love to have Sherry Leak to do it!

    Sherry Leak is the BOMB!

  2. Whatever you do don’t stop posting! Even if you have to do it once a week. This site is 1 of the few i love to come to. It would be sad if it wasn’t around.

    How about doing reviews on the older comics?

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