Hulk Movie Regener8r’s 3 (2008)

Movie Regener8r's

Movie Regener8r's

I just looked back and realized I never showed you the other Regener8r’s I picked up.  This makes 3 – the 2 others I posted back in January.  The image on the bottom of the car is one of the coolest images – mainly because it’s based on Deodato Jr.’s cover from Incredible Hulk #60.  That’s one of the covers I would totally pay thousands for and never look back!  Alright, now, this weekend extra specially Hulky!  Man, that sounds so gay… but it was.  I picked up the new BD Abomination statue – also the kit I had painted up finally came in – I am psyched!  Tomorrow I have some pics from around the net – but I will be posting one of the new statues that I purchased on Wednesday.  I will have to decide which one – but I will say this – if you have a preference leave a comment below.  I’m not saying it will change my mind on which one to show – it’s just interesting to hear what people like to look at.

closer pic

closer pic

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