Get Ready…

I’m not sure if everyone has seen sneak peeks of the Bowen statues coming out – but here is a shot of the Kirby-esque Hulk:

I know it’s still a while till we actually get to see these – but oh man, this guy looks so good!  Save your money now!

7 responses to “Get Ready…

  1. holy shit that looks freaking awsome!! i need this bad boy bad!! when is it coming out dude??

  2. wow. i know what i am getting for xmas. wow.

  3. Very cool……….

  4. We haven’t heard the release date yet – but all of the Hulk statues will have a spaced release

  5. I thought I saw somewhere where he might come with a desert base. Do you know if that’s true? Either way it’s amazing.

  6. Yes – the base above is just temporary – thank goodness.

  7. I love this statue, but something’s not right? I think the Hulk’s head is to big for the body and his fists should be bigger. I will be buying this ASAP!

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