Grey Transformation Statue (1998)

Transformation Statue
Transformation Statue
Classic Yellow Shirt?  Check!
Classic Yellow Shirt? Check!

This is more like a diorama rather than just a statue.  Showing Banner slowly turn into Hulk.  I have the green version of this statue – it was actually the very first statue I ever bought… on layaway.  When I actually got to take it home it was already worthless. 🙂  I have no worries though – it’s not like I would try to sell it anyways.  But now, onto this statue.  Sometimes ebay actually has a good deal or two – and this was one of those times. 

3 Profiles - One Statue
3 Profiles - One Statue

I saw this auction starting at $24.99 – and I waited… no one seemed to be bidding.  I waited the auction down to the last few minutes and finally set in my higest bid – at $25.00.  That’s right, I wasn’t going two pennies over the starting price.  Luckily, no one else was either.  Most people wouldn’t bother with this statue – and I agree that there are much better representations of the Hulk, but this staue is unique.  It’s one of the only ones that show the transformation – and it has sentimental value to me 🙂 They made 250 of these and mine is #213.

Green Transformation - Grey Transformation
Green Transformation - Grey Transformation

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