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Hulk #10 (2009) – The Review

Hulk #10

Hulk #10

I’ll begin with the review – just saying what happened – then I’ll tell you what I think afterward…

We start with Hulk with his beloved Jarella.  They are happy and getting married – until a hand comes out of the heavens saying “Jarella, you are needed elsewhere” and snatches Jarella.  The Hulk tries to fight but is just taken out of K’ai.  We then join the Hulk standing in the desert with The Grandmaster.  He asks Hulk if he would like to see Jarella.  He says Jarella is dead.  The Grandmaster replies “No kidding, Captain Obvious” – just kidding – he actually tells the Hulk if he picks a team and participates in a game – to the death – and wins, then he can have his precious Jarella back.  Hulk says he knows who to ask.

We join The Silver Surfer as he tells Shalla-Bal that he has spared the planet – but now must go work for Galactus and leave her.  The Hulk shows up and asks the Surfer for help.  The Surfer has no idea who the Hulk is – because they haven’t met yet – and Galactus calls for his herald.  Galactus realizes there is an Elder at work behind Hulk’s appearance.  He grants the Surfer 24 hours to leave and deal with this.  Next, we find Namor on his wedding day (do you see where this is going?) with his wife Lady Dorma who has already died and the Surfer asks Namor for his help.  Lastly, we join Strange – in another universe – as his love Clea is taken away as well.

When Hulk’s team is finally joined together they are faced with the Grandmaster who lets them know that each of the heroes are from a different time and then introduces his brother – The Collector – who asks if his brother is ready.  He claims he has his own team with the other Hulk.  Hulk screams “What other Hulk!?!” And we see the Red Hulk with his team “The Offenders” consisting of Tiger Shark, Baron Mordo, and Terrax.

The Grandmaster tells his brother there is just one more thing – and he gives the Hulk the brain of Bruce Banner who claims “Now we can fight smart and hard – to the death!”

So, here’s my thoughts… first off – the idea is pretty cool – the execution is terrible.  If Jarella is stolen out of continuity then she’s not there to get killed later – so how is she dead?  Also, Banner Hulk is widely known as one of the weakest Hulks – not the best fighter.  Banner is smart – brilliant in fact, but he doesn’t have a strategic mind – he’s not a brilliant fighter!  So why does he have Banner’s brain?  Oh that’s right – because it’s one of the Hulk’s personalities that Loeb hasn’t ruined yet.  I swear – these could be great stories – but the actual comic is so badly written and plotted terribly that you struggle just to get through each page – and that’s pretty bad when it only takes about 2 minutes to read the whole thing!  McGuinness still makes pretty pictures – but even that is wearing thin… C-

Hulk #10 (Variant) - What?!? A variant cover?  I know... crazy...

Hulk #10 (Variant) - What?!? A variant cover? I know... crazy...