Hulk: Broken Worlds – Book 1 (2009)

Hulk Broken Worlds: Book One

Hulk Broken Worlds: Book One

The fact that this says book 1 and that there’s a book 2 coming out in May is freakin’ awesome!  Each story takes place in a different time in Hulk history – and if you want to know the background… well get some back issues and start reading!  I can’t do everything for you!  Jeez!  Anyways, I’ll let you know right now the stories are hit and miss – so I’ll go through each one:

(House of M Hulk) Punyville: Scorpion and Hulk stand on a hill watching humans get off boats to Sydney.  They laugh at the idea that the humans are more scared of Magneto than of the Hulk.  And then Betty comes running up the hill.  Hulk tries to introduce Betty Ross to The Scorpion – only – it’s not Betty Ross, it’s Betty Talbot, and she’s brought her husband with her in tow.  He tells the Hulk he has something of interest – but Hulk could care less – he just grabs Betty and jumps away.  The refugees sit in a tent and get drunk as Glen Talbot shows the others what he has in his case.  A Super-Power Suppressing Inhibitor Collar.  A collar, in short, that takes heroes powers away.  The hatch a plan to use it on the Hulk.  As they spy on Hulk and Betty they wait until they see Bruce Banner appear and then BAM!  They run in and snap a collar on Bruce.  Then the other refugees reveal they are actually spies for Magneto.  Arclight then kills Betty Talbot for being a defect from Magneto’s Red Guard.  Too bad that Banner’s transformation into the Hulk isn’t a super-power as the Hulk rages out and takes care of the spies.  Scorpion comes rushing in – but it’s already finished.  The Hulk has taken care of the spies and Betty is dead.  Short, but sad and powerful story. C+

Heart of the Atom: Okay, I might be partial because this story was drawn by the master himself – Mr. Herb Trimpe – we begin with Hulk and Jarella fighting the army of Z’gma – defending K’ai.  As they fight a huge red dragon comes out of the ground and the Hulk takes it on.  The dragon tries to swallow the Hulk but the Hulk easily defeats the dragon.  Hulk and Jarella rejoice over their victory and the Hulk reaches over for a kiss.  As he does he sees the grave of Jarella and realizes she is dead at the hands of Crypto-Man.  He realizes, even worse, that he is not actually even in K’ai – that it was a simple memory – a dream.  As a tear streams off the Hulk’s face we can see Jarella inside.  She stands by a grave of the Hulk telling him that she misses him and knows that he is alive in another time – another universe – and it was her that died instead.  Another sad, dreary out look in the Hulk universe.  Really good story.  B-

Development Hell:  This story deals with the Hulk 2099 character – who I hate – so, I skipped this story.  Probably won’t bother with reading it – if anyone does and wants to give their review below – please do – but the character himself gets a big fat F

Post Mortem:  The Future Imperfect storyline – one of the best alternate reality stories ever.  One that really kept you guessing and never being able to figure out what was coming next – this takes place right after the Maestro disappeared in time.  The people are trying to figure out if the Maestro is in fact really gone – and who will be in charge now.  We see Char and her Father discussing what it is to be free.  Char feels as though she can’t be free knowing everything that she knows – after all she’s seen.  We join Hulk and Janis walking down a hallway also discussing the idea of what’s to happen next.  People want to see the Maestro’s body.  The Hulk tells them that it’s impossible.  Janis and Hulk pour Rick Jones ashes onto Cap’s shield.  Meanwhile, Char and her Father, Boz, are now being bullied by Lothar who doesn’t think Boz can lead anyone.  After all, he couldn’t even protect his daughter from Maestro.  As they argue the Hulk throws Cap’s shield, scattering Rick’s ashes.  Lothar continues to terrorize Char and Boz swears that the Gods will strike him down if he doesn’t stop.  Lothar challenges the Gods to do their worst – and Cap’s shield comes down fast and swift and cuts off Lothar’s head.  Boz then orders his people to clean up the mess and tells them not to mess with him because they see what will happen.  Char whispers to her Father that she may be pregnant with the Maestro’s child.  He tells her to keep that quiet.  Written by Peter David – a good solid story – B+

24 responses to “Hulk: Broken Worlds – Book 1 (2009)

  1. Sound like a good book. I’ll definitely be picking it up. Still wish you would review that one story.

  2. Sorry – I absolutely refuse! 2099 was an abomination! sort of speak…

  3. Do have any of the Hulk 2099 comics?

  4. I didn´t know Hulk 2099 was so hated!!.
    But please, give a chance to the art 🙂


  5. “Do have any of the Hulk 2099 comics?”

    Yes. Of course – I bought the entire 2099 series… still like the Spiderman 2099.

    “I didn´t know Hulk 2099 was so hated!!.
    But please, give a chance to the art ”

    Thanks for visiting the site Diego! No worries, it’s nothing against the art!

  6. You do you hate the most, Hulk 2099 or Red Hulk?

  7. Red Hulk would have to take the Hate Cake on that one…

  8. King Hulk Marco

    I have read this comic too. The best story out of the four is (no surprise!) Peter David’s Post Mortem.

    The most beautifully drawn story out of the four is the one featuring Hulk 2099. The artist appears to have been inspired by Frank Miller’s and Bill Sienkiewicz’s 80’s cult classic Elektra: Assassin.

    The story is about this Hulk on the run trying to help a guy who he betrayed in the past. The baddies follow the Hulk to the guy to kill him to stop him selling his secrets. The guy changes into the Hulk destroys/kills the baddies who are either robots or cyborgs (I forget which).

    After the battle, the Hulk changes back to his human form and apologies to the guy who he betrayed in the past and gives him money so can he leave and start a new life elsewhere. The guy (no surprise here!) doesn’t accept the apology and has soon as the Hulk leaves is on the phone to another sleazy company and is in the process of selling another secret, this Hulk’s secret identity!

    This story would have meant more if I have read the previous run of Hulk 2099 comics. This is more my fault than the storyteller. To be honest with you, I only ever bought the first few issues of Spider-man 2099. I stopped buying it has it didn’t grip my attention. So, I never was tempted to buy any of the other 2099 titles.

  9. King Hulk Marco

    Just to let you know Ratchet, I did buy the Dr. Strange DVD after our last chat. It is quite good.

    I won’t spoil the story for you, but all I will say is that it does contain afew nice references to the Marvel Universe. Well worth a look.

    Also, I would ask you guys (if you can) to read my follow up comments to the Hulk Family comic dated 1st February 2009.

    I think you will be surprised. I have (I think) in a nutshell explained the mystery that is Jeph Loeb. Where he stands in my opinion has a storyteller.

  10. King Hulk Marco

    Lastly, I will say that I do think that employee’s from Marvel Comics do visit your incredible website from time to time to get ideas and gauge fan reaction to their stories.

    The reason why I say this is because I have noticed that Marvel Comics have taken on board my suggestion of rescuing the daughter of Hulk & Thundra from development Hell by giving her a mini-series (and having her face off against the original She-Hulk Jennifer Walters. That will be issue #2 people!).

    She may (allegedly) even meet her father in this mini series. But, they still haven’t revealed her name. It may be, if certain websites are to be believed be Savage, (has in Savage She-Hulk) which I have my doubts. Sounds too corny even for Marvel.

    I wonder how many of you have noticed that Hulk’s daughter bears more than a passing resemblance to Hulk’s lost love Jarella? Coincidence? Hhhhmmmm ……………….

    Who are they getting to write these stories? Why none other than Mr Fred Van Lente.

    We are in for an early Spring/Summer treat people!

  11. Hey Ratchet, did you see last weeks episode of Wolverine and the X-Men. It had the Hulk in it and is said to be a sequel to Hulk Vs. Wolverine.

  12. I don’t think it was so much a sequel – but yeah – I saw that episode. It was good. I dug it 🙂

  13. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    I haven’t seen it cause I don’t have Nicktoons network is there a youtube link

  14. Craig Kyle said it was it the same continuity as Hulk Vs. Wolverine.

  15. Hulk Man – go to you tube and look up Wolverine episode 8.

    And watching the show – it doesn’t really have a lot of similarities – I think creators just say things like that sometimes – without really having anything to back it up. The only thing the same is it had Wolvie and Hulk in it – but a sequel? Didn’t see anything supporting that.

  16. I just saw it a second time and I think your right about the creator just saying that. There is one similarity though, the voice of Wolverine is Steve Blum in both the movie and show.

  17. Remember what 5150 said about how Marvel handles the hired art work help in HSC? Well I guess this is what he was talking about. No offense to Diego, but how did you get this job when you can’t even see anything clearly in your Hulk 2099 story? Arms don’t look like arms, hair don’t look like hair and background is non-existant, yet at least I finish the above mention parts in my pics. What planet did you move to get this job, because Marvel refuses to hire me even for “free” to do a cover? Please keep in mind that I’m a little upset, because I’ve been trying since the 80’s. Can someone please give a dog a bone? For those who think I can’t draw, see my pics in HSC. I have 2 years college in art and have been draw since 1973.

  18. I understand your frustrations 465 – Diego’s art is certainly different, and it works in certain comics – this is the style that worked really well for 30 Days of Night – I’m not saying it didn’t work for this story because, to tell you truthfully, I didn’t even look at the story. I just had no interest. But the visuals certainly catch your eye just because they are so different.

  19. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    I Think we’d have a great team if it was :
    Jaros or 465 on art, 465 or Jaros on coloring *, and me or someone else on stroy, I think I could write better than loeb!

    *preferebly 465

  20. I couldn’t even read the 2099 story basically because the hulk was just a big green blur.

  21. I have to agree with the review in its entirety. I didn’t dig the 2099 story very much but the rest were entertaining.

    While I enjoy the art style of 2099 in a single-picture form, it just seems out of place in a comic book. The Metal Gear Solid comics have a similar style and while I can look past it in that series, it still tends to bug me.

    The art style definitely takes talent so I don’t want to seem unappreciative to the artist (Hey Diego!) but in a comic, it’s just distracting to me as it takes me a second to figure out what I’m looking at from page to page.

  22. Hey Zizzle! Good to hear from you! I tend to agree with your statements as well – it’s just hard to put down any art style that obvioulsy takes talent to produce…

  23. Did this gentleman do any cover/poster work for the 90’s Ghost Rider series?

  24. This is a long shot but maybe the Talbot in Van Lente’s house of mystery story is the one we are seeing now. Perhaps the alternate reality group Lyra belongs to took him from a timeline where house of m was never undone. Van lente is working with Pak and did the Lyra stories.

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