Dynabol’s “Mean Green” Kit – Finished Piece! (2009)

Mean Green... errr... Grey Kit
Mean Green... errr... Grey Kit

This one was a long way coming!  First off – I was looking at Jade Giant’s collection and saw this kit – you might remember the picture from before:


I inquired about it.  Some pieces just speak to you.  This is certainly a unique take on the Hulk – not really in scale with any of the other pieces I have – but man, oh man, I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  People have expressed mixed feelings on this kit, but those who do like it – or LOVE it like I do – speak very highly of it.  I saw this piece and immediately thought it looked like the grey Hulk.  I found a great, talented painter on The Statue Forum, named Jen, and she did such an awesome job with it!  I sent her a few reference photos of the grey Hulk – McFarlane Hulk and others – and a lot of the grey Hulk illustrations have him without eyebrows.  So Jen left of the eyebrows – how perfect!

Grey Hulk - Bad Ass!
Grey Hulk - Bad Ass!

Dynabol is a pretty talented guy – he produced this kit years ago – and I, being a more “licensed products” collector don’t plan on picking up very many kits – but I just had to have this.  And then I asked for a commission from him – I will post the amazing pieces he sent me – maybe this week with a follow up announcement.  Something you guys don’t want to miss!  Let’s just say – if there is a day to not check in on this site – it’s not Wednesday.  In other words – check back tomorrow!

Turn to the right!
Turn to the right!

I did get this piece back pretty quickly – but the first time I opened the box – this is what I pulled out:

Hulk is the strong.... AAAAUUUUGGGHHH! Hulk have no leg!
Hulk is the strong.... AAAAUUUUGGGHHH! Hulk have no leg!

Pretty gruesome, huh?

Turn to the left!
Turn to the left!

If you think it looks brutal – imagine having to pull it out of the box like this.  Anyways, Jen quickly fixed it up and sent it back good as new!  This guy now sits on the top of my desk – an honor that only the HH Hulk and the SS PF Hulk have!  The pose he chose for the Hulk is absolutely perfect!  And it’s always about the details – check out his eyes – Jen painted them green – like the rage that was still imprisoned inside the monster!  I am so excited about having this piece in the collection – thanks to Dynabol for creating this masterpiece!

Look at that mug!  Emerald eyes!
Look at that mug! Emerald eyes!

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7 thoughts on “Dynabol’s “Mean Green” Kit – Finished Piece! (2009)

  1. The grey suits this piece better. I dunno I have always been one to believe there should be a distinct difference in appearance between the grey & green Hulk. Ive always thought the grey persona should have a more primitive look to him.

  2. I agree – that’s why I went with grey on this – and dynabol actually said to me that he preferred the grey more…

  3. Hi Ratchet, do you know much about model kits featuring Hulk, i’ve managed to track down one but there don’t seem to be any websites to buy them on.

    1. Well, I really don’t deal with kits too much – there are some beautiful ones out there – but they usually go for an amount I’m not comfortable with spending on a piece. But there is a link on the side that says “Hull Models” – this showcases the different kits out there.

      I also know about this one:


      Check it out – it’s a pretty cool bust. Again, I don’t deal with kits so I most likely won’t be getting it…

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