Hulk #1 Variants (2008)

Turner Variant
Turner Variant

Let’s be honest – Loeb sucks at writing the Hulk – but the MF knows how to sell books… or does he? Let’s see – the idea of the Red Hulk was said to be Marvel’s idea, not Loeb’s, Loeb just said he could write it. Most people, when asked, admit that they buy the book for the art – not for the story, personally, I buy the book out of loyalty. When you buy a comic for over 15 years month after month you don’t just stop. At least I don’t. Yes, for a few months Hulk was the best selling on-going Marvel title. But if you look here:

You would see that the Hulk went from selling 133,895 comics in Jan. of 2008 to 87,774 in December. While 87,000 comics is still huge in this market – it’s also a difference of 46,121 comics. In fact, most of the sales are highly inflated – mainly because of variant covers. I have said that I’m not a huge fan of variants – and I’m not – for two reasons mainly. First off – they sell for inflated prices that never hold up. Secondly, it’s just a way to pad sales. So, why is it I have these variants? Well, I went to a few comic shows and they were there – that’s one. And another is my friend Corry will call me up and say – “Hey, I have that Hulk variant #9, do you want it?” – And all I hear is… “I have something Hulk that you don’t have yet so you better buy it” And I do. That’s how it came to me acquiring these two variants. The Keown Hulk cover and the Turner Hulk cover. Keown has it hands down if you ask me – but Turner will be sorely missed and he had such a great style.

Keown Variant
Keown Variant

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3 thoughts on “Hulk #1 Variants (2008)

  1. These are great variants! but Rulk being marvel’s idea I beleive, if they had a different writer(Pak or PD) they could have Rulk be like (on the fan-favorite list) up there with Abomination and The leader (he could)

  2. Wasn’t it actually Kevin Johnson’s idea? 😛 Does he get any royalities from this Maybe we will get that Red Hulk series starring big Lou after all. 😛

  3. So I usually see one variant cover when a new Hulk comes out – but there are evidently more. How many do they produce? Are they in smaller print runs than the ‘direct’ edition, assuming ‘direct’ means the ‘regular’ edition? These covers are very nice, though I agree it’s just a cash-in: in the 80s, music companies did this with all kinds of limited edition this-and-thats, and look where it got them!

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