Marvel Universe Grey Hulk (2009)

MU Grey Hulk
MU Grey Hulk

First off – I can’t find the freakin’ green Hulk everywhere!  I will eventually track it down – but I’ll tell you right now… this line is doomed to fail.  Why?  The price point.  $8.00 for a 3″ figure?  ML were way bigger and $2.00 more!  Do your selves a favor – don’t buy these.  Me?  I’m a sick puppy with no will power – but you guys have common sense, right?  Don’t buy these.  The paint job is horrible – the figure is NOT worth the price tag – these should be $4-$5 easy – but Marvel and Hasbro are going to try this price point out – let’s let them know that it doesn’t work for us!

Grey Hulk with publicity photo!
Grey Hulk with publicity photo!

One of the good points about these are the fact that they finally spelled “GREY” right!  The sculpts aren’t too bad either – the unfortunate thing about this scale is that the paint app. is a bit on the shoddy side.  Small figures aren’t really conducive to accurate or detailed paint jobs.  It’s not to say that it’s bad – I mean we get highlights in the Hulk’s hair!  As far as accessories go – with the Hulk it’s pretty bare.  The figures all come with a S.H.E.I.L.D. file on the character.  The photo cards is fine – but the letter from Doc Samson is a little blah… I mean it doesn’t even cover the Hulk – it’s all about Banner and what a non-threat he is!

Close up - sorry it's not of someone cuter...
Close up - sorry it's not of someone cuter...

The packaging is fine –  nothing special – but these figures are really quite small – compared to what we have been getting.  I know this scale is what is popular now – but I’ll tell you – I’m really glad they didn’t choose to make the Hulk movie figures in this scale, like they are now with the Wolverine movie.  Anyways – if I were to rate these figures on a grading scale they would land in the “average” to even “below average” range.  What does everyone else out there think of these?

How the MU Hulk measures up...
How the MU Hulk measures up...

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18 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Grey Hulk (2009)

  1. well ya had to go and burst my bubble ratch! I have been looking for these puppies for a while with no luck. Rest assured, your review has not deterred my search as I share your sickness.

  2. The review might be a little harsh – but I’m spoiled after getting the ML Hulk line last year – now this? Just sad…

  3. I have the sickness too. I saw these figures and I just couldn’t help myself. I can’t find the Grey Hulk though but there are plenty of greens around here (VA.) I also found most of the Hulk series SuperHero Squad on clearance at Wal-Mart for only $1!

  4. hey Ratch-First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your little SHE-HULK-ALEXANNDRA(hope you didn’t mind me calling her a little She-Hulk). I agree with you 100% on these new Marvel Universe figures they’re CRAP!!!-(but I did buy a Green Hulk… had to) it’s just so disappointing that Hasbro decided to make all their new figures in this scale,especially after the kick-ass job that they did this Summer on the FIN FANG FOOM BAF HULK line-I thought that was going to be the begining of some great(HULK) figures by Hasbro-but instead they’re giving us these little pieces of crap! anywayI won’t collect this series and hopefully enough people feel the same way I do and maybe Hasbro will get the message.-Mike

  5. king Hulk looks like he’s going to… “Hulk SLASH!” and Movie hulk looks as if he doesn’t care.

  6. I’ve been buying this line at its crazy price point with the hopes that the quality gets better over time, and I think it will. I know you hate the character, but the Red Hulk that’s coming looks much much better than the green/grey. Hopefully they’ll come out with a classic style Hulk sooner or later.

  7. I got the green and grey Hulk about 2 weeks back in a LTS and I agree with you with your review too. Grey Hulk looks kinda light blueish to me. It’s looks as if they did’nt make many Hulks in comparison to the other figs, so there kinda hard to find. Toys r us and Target had the figs but no Hulk.

  8. Hate this line. I mean can’t even come up with words of how much a hate this line. It just really burns me that Marvel U is pretty much replacing the marvel legends line. And the worst part is that they are releasing character that never made it to ML line. Plus the $8 ENTRY PRICE POINT is outrages! If i can find this figure loose at a decent price point I may buy it but Im not paying 8-10 bucks. Lastly Im not even going to go into the sorry excuse for “articulation this figure has. It just looks like it can only do different variations of that one pose.

  9. In my opinion, Hasbro has always been releasing new figures of great character, but the figures are often below standard! No matter paint job, sculpt or articulations are usually ruined. What a pity.

  10. The green Hulk is nice. The only thing I don’t like is the price point. I caved and bought a yellow and blue Wolverine (one of the Origins figures) to go with him at the same time. Fine figures. But I’m not going to get any more for $8. What gets me is Star Wars figures are also 3.75″, and are also by Hasbro, and are better detailed, and still cost almost a dollar less.

  11. You couldn’t be more wrong. This is the best Marvel line in years. The price is a bit steep, but the figures are great.

  12. Better than the Marvel Legends Line? I think it is you who is sorely mistaken here – and my main complaint is the price point. We’re paying the same price for figures that are considerably smaller. If we buy this whole series and let Marvel get away with it then we’re basically asking them to rip us off. We need to be smarter consumers than that.

  13. I was wondering if you picked up the heroic age heroes three pack with red hulk in it? I am not a big rulk fan, but I love the wave 18 Hulk figure. I was kind of depressed in toys r us today, cause everything hulk I had already. I stumbled upon one of the three packs with rulk,and had to have it, lol. Il buy rulk if theres no Hulk. Awesome figure! Now just need the hulk/wolverine two pack. If u dont have it, get it, I know its rulk, but its an awesome figure!

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