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Trimpe Signed Poster

DF Limited Edition Trimpe Poster

DF Limited Edition Trimpe Poster

Herb Trimpe is far and away my favorite Hulk artist.  I bought this in Reading a while back – at the same time I bought a few rare Hulk goodies including the Maquette re-paint and the Macaluso kit.  He had a few framed posters including this classic image. But I went with this one – mainly because it has the Hulk in battle with two great foes.  Since I read the Wendigo’s first appearance in Hulk #162 with his mythical origin of cannibalism and misunderstood “monsters” I’ve loved the character more and more.  His latest Loeb incarnation aside, every part of the Wendigo’s story is sadder and more tragic even more than the Hulk’s.  A story of isolation, desperation, lost loves and a curse that transforms a man into a monster.

The best part of this limited Dynamic Forces poster is in the upper left corner Herb himself signed it.  This features the classic battle from #181 where Wolverine had to interfere.  I’m going to just say this – I still can’t believe how much Wolverine cought on after his first appearance in this issue.  I mean, who else’s first appearance is marked by being called into action only to get his ass handed to him by the better hero.  Artist’s style certainly change over the years – but Herb’s is still great.  Only 500 of these posters has been released – this one is #37.

Ummm… Part 32

Is it just me or does Hulk look a little… round?  Like a little fatty boom-ba-latty?  Check out the creation of this little sucker – just click on the chunky Hulk.