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Herb Trimpe Commission (2009)

Herb Trimpe Commission

Herb Trimpe Commission

Having a bit of a Herb kick here!  I knew out of all the commissions I was getting that I NEEDED one from Herb Trimpe!  It was an absolute must!  The good thing – his prices aren’t unreasonable – BUT that only for pencils.  If you want it inked – double the price.  I chose to stick with pencils mainly because, after emailing Herb Trimpe many, many times, he let me know that his pencils are very tight and just as good as the inks.  Next was choosing what to have Herb draw for me.  I liked the idea of a vs. piece without really having to add anything for another character.  I asked about Hulk vs. Aquon – Hulk with a logo – or even having Herb try out a Fixit with the logo.  In the end, and after polling some people on the Statue Forum, I went with a Hulk holding a crushed Iron Man helmet.

Top Half - with a little Hulk Shakespear

Top Half - with a little Hulk Shakespeare

Hulk feet - does the size increase the smell?

Hulk feet - does the size increase the smell?

Herb even added a little humor to the piece – which I love – and his style is – and always will be – amazing!  It looks just like the Hulk from the 100’s, absolutely classic!  As a plus I also added a little note to Herb asking him some questions about his days on drawing the Hulk.  His favorite issues were that with Jarella, his favorite villains to draw were the classic Abomination and Leader – but he wasn’t as fond of drawing teams.  Seeing as I was taking this opportunity to seek out Herb’s art – I couldn’t resist asking him for a sketch of Aquon.  I even sent along #165 for the reference.  This is what I got back:

Aquon!  Love it kiddies!

Aquon! Love it kiddies!

That’s right – a great rendition of my favorite Hulk villain!  I have this framed now with the issue of his one and only appearance.  I’m almost torn to say which I was more excited to get – but I have to go with the Hulk.  Come on now!  It’s the Hulk holding a freakin’ Iron Man helmet!

Aquon!  Boo-Ya!

Aquon! Boo-Ya!