Hulk Hopper Ball (2003)

Hopper Ball!
Hopper Ball!

I really prefer to find Hulk items that aren’t from the 2003 movie.  So much crap was made sometimes it’s hard to sort through.  That being said – this thing is awesome – not so much because of the Hulk image or the fact that Hulk is on it at all – but because these toys absolutely ROCK!  Who didn’t love these bad boys?  I’ll admit it – without any shame – I totally tried to bounce on this.  I also found out that I’m a little too large.  My niece and my nephew freakin’ love riding this toy around the den – but I just fall backward.  Who cares though – with the upcoming papoose I need to horde these kind of toys so that my little one will be able to have the kind of childhood that EVERY child should have!  Filled with comics, Hulk Action figures and Hopper Balls!

Yellow Hopper Ball - What up now?
Yellow Hopper Ball - What up now?

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