Is anyone else going?

I will be attending the Boston Comic Con on Sunday (I tried to get there Saturday too – but couldn’t make it work out – so I will be there all day on Sunday!)  Who else is going?  Let me know!  If anyone else is going – maybe we can actually meet face to face!  Should be a good time – and one of my favorite artist is going to be there – Wamester!

8 responses to “Is anyone else going?

  1. I’ll be there promoting my comic

  2. I figured I’d hear from you Will! What’s the comic called? I will absolutely seek you out bro!

    Hey – did you ever get a chance to work on that Fixit commission you were talking about before?

  3. I haven’t been very active since I got that job drawing for this company called Buildium, it’s really really hard to draw a superhero for a property management software company. Where do I begin?

    The comic is called Mad Ends, it’s a mix of 1984 and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It involves the Advertising world and the animated spokes creatures who dwell in it along with real people. So it’s a political murder mystery, surrounding the death of an Ad Icon and his friend who was a once famous cereal tiger, wannabe cop,turned into an exterminator. It’s like if you took Watchmen, 1984 and Who Framed Roger Rabbit and put them in a blender, although that’s my opinion. You will just have to read the first issue when it comes out in the fall, but the art work is the best part. Head to my myspace and you can see some of the art there. We use digital SLR camera’s and real actors in the scenes then we draw in the animated characters in. So really its like we are making a movie but we’re not.

    As far as the commission, yes, I have started it, but with my two jobs and school, well you get the picture. Let me just finish this advertisement and school is over in 3 weeks, so if you can hold a Lil longer, you wont regret it.

    I’ll be at comicon all day Sunday I think, it’s gonna be hard not being able to buy anything, damn. I’ll see you there!

  4. Sweet Will! I will be sure to check out your table!

  5. Oh I don’t have a table, I’m just going to network, next comic con we have it worked out with Bedrock Comics that we will get a table, thats next comic con though

  6. Oh I see now – sorry for the confusion 🙂

    But if you’re interested in meeting at the show – I’ll be wearing the Green Hulk t-shirt with a blue hoodie that says Plymouth MA – hope to see you there bro.

  7. That’s pretty sweet! Liking the cover re-creation!

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