Matt Brundage Sketch (2009)

Abomination FACED!
Abomination FACED!

Dynabol – or Matt Brundage – is such a great guy.  I have seen quite a few of his commissions and artwork, including his amazing kit that I already posted, and I wanted something from him.  I asked if he would draw something for me – something that can commemorate the fact that my wife and I are expecting our first child.  He did.  Believe it or not this is not even it – this was something he drew up, having fun sketching, maybe even getting an idea for the actual commission he was planning for me.  He emailed this to me and asked if I would like this along with the commission.  After I picked my jaw up I said “F – Yeah!”.  I mean, how freakin’ cool is this?  Hulk taking on the Abomination while protecting a little Hulk baby!  Look at the Hulk baby!  Man, this is such a great piece – don’t forget now, this isn’t even the actual commission yet!  This was just a fun little sketch!  A bad-ass, unbelieveable fun little sketch!  I will post the actual commission next Thursday.  I will give you a hint about what you’re in store for – Hulk’s Rouge Gallery!  But I was psyched to get this.  It has such personality and impresses me everytime I look at it.

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