This is a post to say… no new post…

Listen, I just got home – it’s pretty late – kind of grumpy – pretty long day.  I have to bring part of my collection to my local Library to display for the month – I also have the comic-con this weekend!  I know I promised Hulk Man to review the What If? Thunderblot Ross comic – but man, I am tired – but I will post it next week.  I have about 3 sketches lined up for the show – I have a few key issues to look for – also – I picked up 2 classic comics that I will show sometime in the future – one of the comics is in PERFECT condition!  Also, before I crash and watch my DVR of Robot Chicken I want to mention that my new quest of picking up the Defenders is going quite swimmingly!  I have quite a few key issues – I will post those next week as well – and don’t forget that the final Rampaging Hulk review is being posted on Monday.  Alright – see you next week when things aren’t so busy!

3 responses to “This is a post to say… no new post…

  1. Take a break. Everyone needs one now and then.

    Love your site BTW!

  2. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    I’m tired too, I’ve been digging and hitting things with the ax (beeen killing GIANT tree roots), So yeha that’s fine with me. Btw I’m gonna be watching robot chicken today also( Tonight at eleven they are airing the “Robot Chicken Half-@$$ed Christmas Special”)!

  3. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    btw I’ll be reading every issue of WWH today and share my opinion with you.

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