Hulk vs. Thor – in the comics!

I will have to say – this is certainly one of the best match-ups in comics – a mortal with unmeasurable strength against a God.  There is a long history of these two powerhouses meeting up – so here’s some of the covers featuring them!  Quick note – each comic posted is from my collection – and I just recently acquired the first:
Journey Into Mystery #112 - The one that started it all!

Journey Into Mystery #112 - The one that started it all!

The Incredible Hulk #255 - Very Hard to Find!

The Incredible Hulk #255 - Very Hard to Find!


The Mighty Thor #385 - A cover for the ages!

The Mighty Thor #385 - A cover for the ages!

The Defenders #10 - Classic Cover!

The Defenders #10 - Classic Cover!

Heroes Reborn #  - This must be Hippy Hulk.  Damn Hippies.

Heroes Reborn #2 - This must be Hippie Hulk. Damn Hippies.

The Avengers #

The Avengers #5 - Liefeld's take on Hulk

Onslaught Reborn - Joe Mad's version of the Hulk - one of my favorites!

Onslaught Reborn #2 - Joe Mad's version of the Hulk - one of my favorites!

The Incredible Hulk Annual #

The Incredible Hulk Annual 2001

And now for the Red Hulk vs. Thor covers:

Hulk #5

Hulk #5

Hulk #5 - 2nd Print

Hulk #5 - 2nd Print

Hulk #5 - Variant Cover

Hulk #5 - Variant Cover

And one last one!  Not Hulk vs. Thor – but worth the mention… I give you… Hulk vs. Abomination!:

Thor #178 - The Abomination takes on a God!

Thor #178 - The Abomination takes on a God!


10 responses to “Hulk vs. Thor – in the comics!

  1. oooooohh JIM 112 … I still need that one … great score!!! what condition?

    grats on another incredible haul!

  2. It’s pretty decent – I’m thinking a “Good” copy – but hey, it’s a copy! I went to a comic shop in R.I. and this one was on the wall – just calling to me! I bought a bunch of comics – and the guy gave me a better price than was listed on the wall – so, hey I was psyched! I have to say though… 178 is such a great cover!

  3. Thor vs. Hulk is great when done right and a writer actually respects what each one can do. Each are about the only ones that can truly test each other.

    Which battle is your favorite? Personally, I prefer Thor #385. It should the difference between Thor with and without the hammer, but had both do well against the other.

  4. I don’t want to piss anyone off but I believe the cover on Avengers #5 is Ian Churchill not Liefield. Liefield’s cover is just showing their faces. and they co-drew the comic. Like I said not trying to piss anyone off it’s just I’m a fan of Churchill’s art and thought he should get some regonition. Sorry if I offended you ratchet

    • That wouldn’t piss me off – you haven’t offended anyone – if it’s Churchill’s – then he SHOULD get the credit!

  5. Whew! I can breathe easy! I wish Churchill would come back to Hulk and drew it his original style but I know about his injury which I hope he completely recovers

  6. Hello everyone!! Maybe someone can help me. I am looking for two comics of Hulk versus Thor. In the first, the Hulk crash thor’s hammer, lift thor and throw him on Doc Samson. In the second hulk lift the hammer mijolnir and uses it to hit thor. Unfortunately I only have two images taken from internet of them.. I would greatly appreciate any help to find the numbers of this comics in English, Spanish or Italian. I leave the links for you to view images


  7. I believe the scene with Thor and Doc Samson is from Incredible Hulk 227. The scene is not real but only in the Hulk’s mind as he is undergoing psychoanalysis with Doc Samson.
    The other scene with Thor is from Incredible Hulk: Let The Battle Begin.
    The Hulk isn’t actually lifting Mjolnir. The hammer is in Thor’s hand but the Hulk is moving Thor’s arm to cause him to bludgeon himself.

    • It’s been a while since there been an update, so I’ll provide it for those who love all things Hulk vs Thor. The following list below are issues that are not shown above.
      Avengers#3 1964
      Fantastic Four#26 1964
      Sub-mariner#35 1970
      Rampaging Hulk#9 1978
      Incredible Hulk#300 1984
      What if#45 1984
      Infinity Crusade#4 1993
      Incerdible Hulk#440 1996
      Fantastic Four: big town#2
      Ultimates#5 2002
      Last hero standing#5 2005
      Hulk:let the battle begin 2010
      Avengers vs Atlas#3 2010
      What if WWH 2010
      What if#29 1981
      What if#4 1989
      Fear itself#5 2011
      Thor#73 2004
      Avengers Assemble#4
      Hulk smash Avengers#1 2012
      Avengers season one 2012
      And for those who crave more on film/Animation-
      The return of incredible Hulk (TV)
      Avengers movie 2012
      Incredible Hulk cartoon episode on upn TV
      Hulk vs
      Ultimate Avengers
      Planet Hulk (vs Beta Ray Bill an alien with Thor powers)
      Hey Marvel, when are you guys gonna do a trade collection of Hulk/Thor greatest battles!?

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