So much new art! Greg Moutafis Commission (2009)

When the Boston Comic Con rolled around last October I saw this watercolor Hulk.  It was pretty sweet – but I had bigger fish to fry – so I passed on it.  But then when I went back this time the piece was a whole lot cheaper – and I finally broke down and gotContinue reading “So much new art! Greg Moutafis Commission (2009)”

Hulk 3age Figure (2008)

I found this one in one of the hundreds of comic shops I visit.  I can’t even remember at this point – and I feel bad because I love giving shout-outs to shops that give me Hulk propers!  That’s my ghetto-speak.  Love it bitches!  Anyways, there is another little sucker out there somewhere – IContinue reading “Hulk 3age Figure (2008)”