Planet Skaar is coming!


Planet Skaar is coming!  Is Skaar comig to earth?  I’m not exactly sure – but what I do know is that Skaar has gotten better and better with every issue – I’m liking it a lot now adays – and now Skaar is meeting Dad!  They may beat each other to a pulp – or they may “Hug it out, bitch!”  Either way Pak is writing the Hulk again!  Woo-Hoo!  Check out the link – click on the image!

4 responses to “Planet Skaar is coming!

  1. Are they trying to of us the impression that Skaar may turn into a boy?

  2. Oh, Lord – that would be a terrible plot twist! Why would he turn into anything? Yikes, bad idea!

  3. Well he is only a baby…. Maybe Skaar just needs to be hugged by daddy.? BTW The Marvel U just has way to may bastard kids running around.

  4. Mercenary Nonsense

    when hulk finds out what he did to planet skaar……

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