Chris Stevens WWH Commission (2009)

Snappahead Commission

Snappahead Commission

I am really into getting art lately – really into getting art from artists that I admire – but I get even more excited about getting art from amazing undiscovered artists.  I don’t know if “undiscovered” covers this artist here though.  His name is Chris Stevens and he goes by Snappahead on the Statue Forum.  He is responsible for some of the most amazing pieces to be seen on the forum.  He is well worth the price he asks.  He opens up his commission list and closes it when it fills (which happens pretty quickly) when he has enough to keep him busy for a month or so…  So I was VERY unfortunate to be one of the last people to get on the list.  I asked him for a Planet Hulk piece and he was more than happy to oblige.

Close Up of the face

Close Up of the face

When I got the scan of the work – my jaw just dropped – it’s that beautiful!  One thing – I did notice that my Planet Hulk was turned into a WWH – and I bet only a handful of people can tell why – but I noticed, and it didn’t matter – I was amazed at what this man can accomplish with a pen and ink!  I hope to get another piece from him very soon – I might go for a marker piece next – and maybe even get the Planet Hulk I asked for 😉

Who else can tell why this is a WWH and not a PH commission?

Who else can tell why this is a WWH and not a PH commission?

4 responses to “Chris Stevens WWH Commission (2009)

  1. I could be wrong, ratchet, but I think it’s the diadem style crown that brings this piece into WWH territory.

    If I’m right, are you authorized to give no-prizes?

    Keep up the great blog.


  2. John – you officially get the first no-prize of this blog ever!

    Yes – it’s the crown that makes it WWH. Good eye.

  3. One of your best on here I must say! This is fantastic

  4. awesome!

    The arm armor (say that quickly 3 times) is also WWH stylized

    I have a Planet Hulk on Throne … and I know what I might have Chris do next …

    grats Ryan – this is a great piece!

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