Amazing Spiderman #119 & #120 (1973)

The Amazing Spiderman #119

The Amazing Spiderman #119

What classic covers!  When I decided it was time to get the Hulk guest appearances I looked up all of the issues – especially the early issues, the silver age comics – and found early issues of The Amazing Spiderman that weren’t too crazy.  Thus my quest began… I searched every comic shop I knew in my area that had only the best back issue collections.  The story was the same in almost every shop I visited.  If they had early issues of Spidey it started after #150.  One shop had #107 – #134 – but missing these 2 issues!  I hate when that happens!  And then, on a trip to my LCS the guy behind the counter told me that the main store just got in a huge lot of Silver Age Comics – mostly DC – but they got in Amazing Spiderman – the first few hundred or so – I immediately called and asked about #119 and #120 – luckily they DID have them in!  I told them I’d be right over…

The best part?  #119 is in NM condition – it’s such a beautiful book – If I were to get this CGC’d I’m guessing it would get a ripe 9.4 or 9.6!  I’m thinking about it…  But man, oh man, these 2 classic covers are just great.  I mean, it might be just my opinion – but #119 is so classic!  It has a whole LINE of tanks heading to take on the Hulk – while Spidey is there hanging there narrating his own demise!  “I’ll stop you even if it kills me!  And it probably will!”  Who says that?  And no one can argue how amazing John Romita Sr.’s work is!

The Amazing Spiderman #119

The Amazing Spiderman #120

5 responses to “Amazing Spiderman #119 & #120 (1973)

  1. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    I would have much rather have Sr. than Jr. Do WWH art

  2. so who won?

  3. General Ross saved Spidey’s butt !

  4. man do I love those covers … I have two pristine copies myself … solid acquisition ratch!

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