A No-Prize Opportunity!


Who can guess where the Hulk in the header is from?  What # and what series does this Hulk come from?  First to answer correctly gets the no prize – Good Luck to all!

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24 thoughts on “A No-Prize Opportunity!

  1. Hey ratch that was too easy. I got one for you- name the villian who is a spy that used a robot to fight Hulk and after Hulk defeated him was never ever seen in Hulk comics again. If you get the answer your good, really good in info with Hulk history.

  2. Damn 465 – I looked up a few thoughts I had for the answer… but I’m at a loss… I’ll keep looking – but you can tell me the answer if you’re so inclined

    1. I’ll give you a little hint, it’s kinda of a trick question. I’ll give you more time. Today I went to a discount store and found more Hulk goodies I’ve never seen before. Hulk puzzle cube, paddle ball, bubble pipe, muti wand bubbles and finally movie Hulk 08 100 p. puzzle. That I know of there’s 5 puzzles now 1 by power prod, 1 by best brand, 1 by Rand and 2 by MB. Hey, did you look at your replys for the hulk cap/buttons? I put more info of other items there.

      1. Wait, are you talking about Visis? Jarella’s brother? The robot the Hulk defeated – but also killed Jarella? It was never revealed in the actual Hulk comic who was controling the robot – but in What If #23 it was discovered that it was actually Visis.

        Trick question indeed!

  3. Very good ratch, but not even close. I’ll give you another hint- this spy was in the robot at the time of his defeat. After your next answer, I will reveal who it is and the issue number. I have to admit your Visis answer was damn good.

      1. Mongu – not only did he appear later in the comics – but the robot version of him wasn’t filled with a traitor, so it can’t be him…

        Man, I am really stumped 465 – I know when I hear the answer I will feel foolish – but I can honestly say I have no idea~!

  4. Mongu appeared later but I don’t think the spy ever did. That could be the trick part of the question. The
    Mongu in TIH 210-211 was from Sandt and I’m
    not sure they made it clear who was inside the
    Mongu robot in The Order.

    1. I don’t know where I got the traitor part! That’s what is screwing me up! It was just a spy? Then, yes Mongu might be a good answer…

  5. The answer to the question is: UNKNOWN. Back in TTA# 60,61,62 Banner built a red robot that had no offical name. A spy also not named was sent by the leader and he entered the robot and fought the Hulk. The Hulk pushed the robot into a bottomless pit and was never seen from again, plus the spy was unable to get out of the robot because the hatch was fused, so he could’nt get out. The leader hire the Chameleon to take over the spy’s position because he never reported back to the Leader. The trick in the question was he was never indentified as seen in TTA#61 pg 1 (read yellow caption). To my knowlege he was never seen in any comic from that point on. Who knows maybe the Moleman or Tyrannus found his dead body?

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