Hulk Cereal Bowl (2009)

Hulk Cereal Bowl
Hulk Cereal Bowl

A cereal bowl that I found while grocery shopping.  I have to admit – I didn’t even see it – my friend had to point it out to me.  I haven’t eaten anything out of it… yet.  It pretty much just went into the Hulk room storage.    Funny thing, I once ate cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for an entire week.  Just to say I did.  I was probably in my early 20’s and I had a hankering for Honey Combs – but I did switch it up a little with some Raisin Bran and my personal favorite – Cinnamon Life.  Man, that stuff is delicious!  I know some people love the sweet cereals like Honey Smacks or Lucky Charms – but I just can’t handle those!  They are way too sweet.  You know how I have a distaste for candy – these cereals are like eating a whole big bowl of candy for breakfast!  Gross…

Published by ratchet

I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

7 thoughts on “Hulk Cereal Bowl (2009)

    1. Perfect scenario for a hulk fan… wake up in your hulk blanket (sounds a little strange I have to admit) eat out of a hulk cereal bowl, have a site where you talk about the hulk daily and go home to write in the Hulk Journal you have that you use as a diary and start the cycle over again…….

  1. I saw this in Kroger 2months ago had no money so I didn’t buy it… Hope it’s still there so I can get it!

  2. Hey none of us Hulk fans can say there were’nt any 08 movie stuff made. I believe that 08 surpassed 03 in collectables and that’s wonderful news.

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