Sean Anderson – Planet Hulk!

Planet Hulk Custom by Sean Anderson
Planet Hulk Custom by Sean Anderson

With a lot of Planet Hulk merchandise finding it’s way to Hulk fans everywhere Sean, as always, took it upon himself to create a masterpiece.  This custom looks better than any figure created… ever!  I think real cloth goes a long way.  That’s why Mego’s are still so sought out – they look like they are made with the utmost quality – and part of that is getting the outfit right.

Turn to the Right!  His Right!
Turn to the Right! His Right!

You can see that Sean paid attention to the most minute detail to make this PH very accurate – including making the sandalls and toga from genuine leather.  Sean, you are severely talented!  Thanks for sending me the photos!  Be sure to send a link if you ever decide to sell these because I would tthink there are plenty of Hulk fanatics on here that want some of your incredible work!

GAH!  He lost his sheild!
GAH! He lost his sheild!

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6 thoughts on “Sean Anderson – Planet Hulk!

  1. I’m speechless on how dead on this is to green scar silver savage figure is going to pee himself if he had to face this hulk!!

  2. I have been looking for someone to make a
    custom Captain Axis figure. I thought that the
    Marvel Legends Juggernaut would make a good
    starting point. And I would love a Sandman the
    way he appeared in TIH 113. I am sick to death
    of all these Sandman in civvies. Does he take commissions ?

  3. thanks once again ratchet!! i used planet hulk body. house of m hulk head. abominations left arm, and lots of leather! i’m very proud of this hulk. and if i may say so myself, i think i have one of the most comic accurate planet hulks out there. i’ve been tossing up ifi should sell any of my custom hulks, but unless i got a really good price, it just would not be worht it. they have a special place on my shelves. its more special when you make these yourself.

  4. i seen your website and was very intrigued, i also do customs. I would like to send you a pic or two to see if you are interested in them.

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