Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #5 (2009) – The Review

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #5
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #5

So, here’s the deal with this series. It’s a lot of build up. A lot of build up. We have one issue left to find out if it’s all worth it – but the delay certainly didn’t help how people feel about this mini. It’s trucking along swimmingly – but the jury’s still out on how I feel about the direction this is going. This issue starts out with Wolverine talking to his spirit animal – a Panda – which he scoffs at thinking his spirit animal should be a wolverine… obviously. I liked the Panda’s response in saying that wolverine’s have no interest in being spirit animals. Wolverine himself then insults his spirit animal by calling it “cuddly”. The Panda tells him not to say anything to the man about what he heard Banner say. Wolverine asks who he would tell. The Panda says “the man who cut off your head” and BAM we see Wolverine, or just his head sitting on a table, in a room with Fury. Fury asks Wolverine what happened. Wolverine doesn’t tell – he’s a little more interested in where his body is – and how they knew cutting off his head wouldn’t kill him.

The next part is pretty interesting because he talks about how Wolvie’s healing power isn’t so much about healing and maybe more about surviving.  He tells him that he’s still breathing – only right now he’s breathing through his skin.  That was actually kind of cool – I liked that – because I’ve always wondered what these healing powers were capable of and what the limit was.  Apparently, in the Ultimate universe anyways, there is none. 

So Wolverine tells Fury that the Hulk and Betty fought… or screwed each other – he couldn’t really tell – and then they saw the nuke coming.  The Hulk leaped into the air at the last second and Betty shouted that she’s always loved him.  He yells back – but we don’t know what he says… yet. 

Wolverine is pieced back together and placed in a cell where he paces around, that is until he smells something – or someone – lurking around the plumbing.  He calls out the mutant and Forge comes climbing out of the toilet.  This mutants “unique” power helps him and Wolverine escape the prison.  Forge creates a collar to subdue a person and Wolverine asks for him to make a “his and hers”.  Then, as Wolverine gets ready to head out to find the Hulk once again Forge asks where he is going.  We see the flashback of Betty screaming out to the Hulk that she loves him and the Hulk shouts back “Meet me in Casablanca!”  As he tells Forge we see that Fury is listening in and hear him order troops to get to Casablanca.

One more issue, just one more – and it looks like it may be a very promising final curtain.  I’m enjoying this series so far – this issue was less exciting but still interesting.  Grade: B-

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17 thoughts on “Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #5 (2009) – The Review

  1. breathing through skin? interesting seems healing factors in ultimate universe has an adaption like power not like in he regular continuity(not sure if i spelled it right)

    1. Maybe In the ultimate Universe some people could be more powerful than their 616 counterparts! I’d love to see 616 and Ultimate Wolverine fight each other ( same with hulk)

      1. Nothing made me say that – I just did – like right now, nothing is MAKING me say “poop” but I just did!

    1. why is it i see this ultimate hulk green but i heard he changed from green to grey or grey to green and so far the only diffrences i see of earth 616 of hulk and wolverine is the origions and the costumes

      1. The Ultimate Hulk seems to be able to adapt to anything – while the 616 Hulk is susceptible to gas – the Ultimate Hulk is not. Although I too would like to know why the Ultimate Hulk in this series is a different color than the one in the other series…

    2. Ultimate Hulk wasn’t supposed to be as strong as 616 Hulk. Hulk The Incredible Guide, while
      geared toward a young audience but still canon
      I believe, says he can lift only 50 tons and doesn’t get stronger as he gets angrier. A power
      comparison chart in Wizard had his max strength as pretty low also though I can’t remember the exact number. I think the writers as they go along are just disregarding all this and making him more and more like the 616 Hulk in strength. His battle against the
      Ultimates, his destruction of the alien
      fleet ( He could have done that to the
      Super Skrulls. I’m pissed he sat out
      Secret Invasion. ) and his battle against the
      Squadron Supreme in Ultimate Power are
      proof that Ultimate Hulk is more powerful
      than originally envisioned. I would love to
      see Ultimate Hulk against Fixit.

      1. The thing is in Ultimate Human they Explained how before they thought it was only 50 tons… Which is because he never got so angry before

  2. So i get breathing through skin, but he is not connected to a heart…

    I gotta say, I liked this one more than #3 & 4. 1 & 2 are still the best. For some reason I feel like 1 & 2 seem removed, like they dont flow as well with the rest. This could just be me though.

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