Tyler James Sketch (2009)

Tyler James Sketch
Tyler James Sketch

I’m on Facebook – and as I was taking one of those ridiculous but addicting quizzes, like “Which “Facts of Life” Character Are You?”, I saw a small posting on the side that said “Boston Comic Con – Free Sketch!”  I clicked on the pic and this artist who was going to be at the con was giving an opportunity to get a free sketch if you just email him.  The first 20 people were going to get it – so I emailed him.  Heard nothing.  Oh well, I tried.  Then, Sunday Morning, before I left for the con I got a reply saying that there will be a free sketch there for me!  Woo Hoo!  Then I encountered a new problem… I had a checklist for comics I needed and different artists to check out – well my friend, Bill, lost the list.  That’s right, Bill!  I’m calling you out!

Do you mind coming out of the shadows, Hulk?
Do you mind coming out of the shadows, Hulk?

Anyways, I couldn’t remember the artist’s name exactly.  I couldn’t remember if his name was James or something else.  I asked around but – not knowing his actual name – no one could help me.  So, I emailed him when I got home and he sent me the sketch anyways.  What a class act!  That was so genuinely decent of him I feel the only way to repay him is to tell the whole story here, to you guys, check out his website here.  Commission him to do something.  Tell him Ratchet sent you!

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9 thoughts on “Tyler James Sketch (2009)

    1. looks kinda like the professor to me you know the hair shape and the smirk on his face…

  1. Yeah – it’s pretty sweet – the other Hulk sketch he did for that day was good too – but I am psyched I got this one. To see the other check out his blog

  2. “I wasn’t trying to be….”

    Not you, you dope!

    Mercanary said “the teeth and the menacing look reminds me of zombie hulk no offence”

    I was responding to him… Keep up, will ya!

    1. I cannot wait bro – what you described to me sounded so cool – this is the most anticipated piece since Herb Trimpe

  3. Oh well now that the pressure is on I will tear this picture up and try harder!

    No no…It’s coming along ran into some problems with depth but thats why pencils have erasers.

    Soon soon

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