The Incredible Hulk #25 Page #25 (2001)

Hulk #25 - Torturing Abomination

Hulk #25 - Torturing Abomination

One of the reasons I think they chose John Romita Jr. to draw the anticlimactic World War Hulk is because he drew one of the greatest battles in Hulk history.  Let me give you the set-up:  Betty Ross is dead from gamma radiation poisoning.  For a while now Bruce has blamed himself – thinking it was his fault – thinking that Betty spending years being exposed the Hulk has finally sent her to the grave.  But then, then he learns that it was in fact the Abomination that killed Betty Ross.  Hulk is finally unleashed.  In a page turning, brutal, over the top battle matching blow for blow the Hulk and Abomination continued to battle page after page after page.

Hulk continues to beat the hell out of Abomination – and then punches him so hard he breaks his face – BREAKS HIS FACE!:

This was such a landmark fight that Marvel Legends, when releasing an Abomination figure, released a variant with a broken, bloody face based on this issue.  It even came with a reprint of this issue.  AND when 7-11 released a Hulk comic for the latest movie – they chose this issue!  That’s what I’m talking about! 

No More America's Funniest Home Videos!  Please!

No More America's Funniest Home Videos! Please!

This page depicts the end of the issue – where Bruce shows just what a monster he can be.  He imprisons Abomination in a room and replays a video of him saying good-bye to his wife over and over – for him to watch and go crazy with for the rest of his life.  That is until he was released and sent after Hulk 25 or so issues later… but this was one of the best endings ever.  And how Banner just turns and walks out the door.  Classic!

Shut off the light Banner!  What do you think?  We're made of money?

Shut off the light Banner! What do you think? We're made of money?

9 responses to “The Incredible Hulk #25 Page #25 (2001)

  1. Mercenary Nonsense

    Abomination %#!*$&@ deserved what Hulk and Banner did to him

  2. I thought the variant figure was based on TIH
    364 when the Hulk dumps toxic waste on the
    You’re right about WWH being anticlimactic.
    We went from Planet Hulk which I loved to
    WWH which wasn’t bad to the crap which
    passes for the Hulk now.
    Anybody know when Loeb is leaving ?

    • Well, it came with a reprint Hulk #25 – and in #364 the toxic waste melted his face – the variant was was bloody and beaten. I can most confidently say it was based off the events that happened in this issue. Why else would they package the figure with this comic?

      • The figure is based on Romita’s art from that
        issue but I’ve always heard it referred to as
        the melted face variant. Either way it’s a
        cool figure. Just looking at the artwork
        makes me nostalgic for when the Hulk was
        still a good book. All of Pak’s fine work
        undone !

      • Yeah, I’ve heard of the “melted face” variant too – but I don’t think some people realized it was meant to be a variant for this storyline –
        Who else has this variant, by the way? I have two but still haven’t taken one out of the package. That is far and away the best Abomination figure out there!

  3. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    Can you post pics ratch?

    • Of what? The figures? Dude, already done! Go to the figures page and scroll down to the Marvel Legends area.

  4. I have this issue but don’t have the figure. Someone put it one the auction and I bid it. I didn’t know this fight is significant because all I want was merely seeing Hulk and Abomination fight. Something I can’t figure out is that why and how did Abomination hurt Hulk’s face and Hulk didn’t seem to heal and smash back in turn. They both didn’t heal in time? And why did Hulk turn back to Bruce before he almost kill Abomination?(and still with that unhealed wound)

  5. I think the way it goes is – this was the most brutal fight the foes ever had – Hulk didn’t hold back anything – both Banner and the Hulk were fighting this time. And then Hulk transformed before he healed fully. One of the best issues ever.

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