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The Silver Surfer #12 (1970) – The Review

The Silver Surfer #12

The Silver Surfer #12

Last week I had fun showcasing a week’s worth of art that I hadn’t shown – believe it or not there’s still a few more pieces – but this week I decided to showcase a few of the rarer comics I have have that feature the Hulk, or – in this case –  the Hulk’s supporting cast.  I also have done a whole lot of work gathering information for the COMICS page – check it out – I have been compiling a check list for all who have asked and am on my way.  It’s far from being finished – but it’s certainly off to a good start!

Anyways, Stan “The Man” Lee wrote this issue – and it’s such a great one!  It’s a basic story but it starts with a group of Wizards and Warlocks that are all upset at how the outside world treats them.  They hate the fact that people think they are a joke so they plan on showing the world just what they can do.  Surfer meanwhile, is pining over his lost love, and while he attempts to try and break the force field he hits it so hard he knocks himself unconscious.  He hurtles toward the earth with a cluster of asteroids and lands right where the head warlock is heading home.  The warlock takes the knocked-out Surfer to his house and when the Surfer regains consciousness the warlock once again knocks him out with a spiked tea.  (The Surfer likes tea?  I wonder what kind… was he like “Is is English Grey?  I love English Grey!”

Did the Abomination really think he could win?

Did the Abomination really think he could win?

The group of Warlocks and Witches decide to raise a demon of some sort to defeat the Surfer.  They think that if they show the world that they have beaten the Silver Surfer then the world will take them more seriously.  Unfortunately the monster they raise is the Abomination, releasing him from “The Stranger’s” imprisonment.  He immediately tells them that he doesn’t work for anyone – and to prove it he beats the heck out of the head Warlock and kills him.  The Surfer arrives and refuses to fight a fight that is not his but he does bring the warlock back to life.  The Ab0mination, meanwhile, is destroying the nearby town.  When the Surfer sees this he goes to fight, but is weakened from using his powers to revive the dead warlock and as he swoops in Abomination hits him hard and knocks him off his board with one hit.

Abomination rejoices and celebrates a little early because as Surfer regains his bearings he comes back strong.  He literally takes the Abomination down in a few panels.  In fact the Surfer doesn’t just want to win – he wants to stop the rage – so he uses the Power Cosmic and suppresses the Abominations rage.  He returns him to the Warlock and his group – all of them stunned to see the Silver Surfer victorious.

Fantasy Masterpiece #12

Fantasy Masterpieces #12

This is such a classic match up.  Shows why the Surfer is such a great character when written correctly.  This whole issue is just a whole lot of fun.  This is Silver Surfer #12 – but also a cheaper route is to find Fantasy Masterpieces #12 where this story is reprinted.  Grade: A-