Hulk: Broken Worlds – Book 2 (2009) – The Review

Hulk: Broken Worlds - Book 2

Hulk: Broken Worlds - Book 2

Here we have the second book of this series – the first I liked very much, well, certain stories anyways, and this book… well, it’s not as good as the first.  There are 2 good stories one mediocre story and one waste of time.  The 4 universe’s we visit in this book aren’t as memorable or exciting as the other book.  So, let’s get on with the review, shall we?

The Age of Apocalypse:  Bruce Banner, Gwen Stacy, Victor Von Doom and Tony Stark are the only chance the human race has.  Gwen’s a little bad ass and Victor Von Doom likes to place blame and whine a lot.  Kind of like normal continuity.  Their ship is being followed by a whole crap load of nukes.  This was Tony’s plan – to have the nukes follow them so the Armada can escape – and they are able to have the nukes explode, except the big one.  There’s no way to shake it.  Banner recalls what got him to this point.  As everyone stood against Apocalypse Bruce secretly aligned with him, basically because he wanted to know more – and Apoc. was giving him all the support and supplies he needed.  But Banner’s research just led to the creation of the Hulk.  Then Apoc. betrayed Bruce.  Thinking about this makes Bruce turn into the Hulk (The Grey Hulk, by the way) and he jumps out of the space craft to take the nuke down.  The Hulk finds the nuke to have a Gamma core and ready to explode – and explode it does.  Bruce is at ground zero of the detonation – and lands on Earth – but what comes climbing out of the rubble?  That would be a pissed Green Hulk!  B+

Gamma Charged Hulk

Gamma Charged Hulk

Mangaverse:  Let me begin with the fact that I have absolute no interest in the Mangaverse – I read the story and got nothing from it – let alone cared about it.  I’ll put it another way – I like the Hulk 2099 more than the Mangverse Hulk – and we all know how much I like him.  As always, if anyone cares to review it – please feel free – but as for me, I’m leaving it with an F.

Battling Foom!

Battling Foom!

Son of the Dragon:  This was a good story – taking place in the 1602 Universe.  The Banner, living amongst monks to find peace, sees a whole swarm of villagers coming his way.  He Hulks out and confronts them – but realizes very quickly that it was not him they were after – but Fin Fang Foom.  They battle – and of course the Hulk beats the snot out of him – but the villagers, who were once afraid of him, now made him their King.  Really fine story and I have to admit, I LOVE Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom – B+

Foom - you in trouble!

Foom - you in trouble!

Out of Time:  This was my favorite story.  Banner is acting Doctor in a Mutant concentration camp to a whole slew of patients, patients like a man named Darby who is dying.  Darby asks Bruce about his wife and Bruce remembers her.  Darby has a journal that he’d like his wife to have.  So the next day as the train drops off supplies and begins to head out Bruce jumps aboard and snaps his collar off.  He gets the collar off and Hulks out – taking out a helicopter trying to take him back – and a whole Sentinel.  It was great.  Anyways, Hulk lands on a postal truck and then goes to visit his wife’s grave.  He soon gives up and is taken back to the internment camp.  He tells Darby that he made sure the journal was delivered – which he did.  A-

5 responses to “Hulk: Broken Worlds – Book 2 (2009) – The Review

  1. Mercenary Nonsense

    HULK MAGNAVERSE?!?!?(must be horrible cuase i never heard of it)
    I’m as confused as the people who found bruce frozen and saw their friend peel off their skin revealing a green dragon!!

  2. I know you don’t like Hulk2099, but if your interested check out Timestorm lim ser. In it Wolverine is sent into an alernate future by alernate punisher, where Wolverine faces a city filled with Hulks and what look’s like Hulk2099?

  3. Green hulk looks like he’s gonna fall apart… I mean he’s cracking

    • Mercenary Nonsense

      well he just wnet through a nuke explosion as gray hulk so he would have some tiny scratches

  4. Really glad you liked the Future Past story!

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