Wolverine #50 (2006) – The Review

Wolverine #50
Wolverine #50

Within this comic is 2 stories – and the one I’m focusing on is called “Puny Little Man” – brought to us by the team on the regular Hulk book, Loeb and McGuinness.  While that may be a deterrent for some others may be enticed to check this issue out.  It was released almost 2 years before the utterly horrible “Hulk” title and showcasing the Wolverine’s first appearance in the comics.  Loeb’s pencils are flat out amazing in this issue and his regular inker Vines makes his images pop – while the coloring was done in an old school way – dare I call it pixilating – if my memory serves… I could be wrong though.

Look at how gorgeous that is!
Look at how gorgeous that is!
I would love to track this art down
I would love to track this art down

The story is quite simple, The Wolverine just remembers what that first fight with the Hulk was like.  He wonders why he talked the way he did, why he was working for the Canadian Government, why he was wearing such a ridiculous costume, and why he even thought he could take on the Hulk and Wendigo – although they really don’t mention or even show Wendigo in this story (SHOCKER!  Loeb is leaving out obvious and important plot points in a story!) but the fight with Hulk is great to look at.

When will Wolvie learn?  He's no match for the Hulk!
When will Wolvie learn? He's no match for the Hulk!

Wolverine slashes over and over until the Hulk finally gets a hold of him and then rips him apart – and Loeb takes on the now classic art of Hulk tearing Wolverine in half – man, I would LOVE to own this piece of art! – but the end of the rather quick story has Wolverine waking up and thinking it was all a dream.

I wish I had this much talent in my pinkie toe...
I wish I had this much talent in my pinkie toe...

All in all – not too bad – but a very quick and fun story that packs in so much beautiful art it’s worth picking up.  Grade B+

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14 thoughts on “Wolverine #50 (2006) – The Review

  1. Speaking of their first meeting what did you think
    of Wolverine Origins 28 ? I think Deodato was
    very faithful to the original art from TIH 181.

    1. I didn’t realize that the Hulk was in that issue
      as I was behind in my comic reading. Then I
      saw the 2nd print variant with the Hulk cover
      using interior art on the Marvel website and I ran to my long box with my new comics. Needless to say I purchased the variant cover. The 1st printing is with Wolverine comics and the 2nd printing which showcases the best panel of interior art on the cover is with my Hulk comics. The art ranks with some of Deodato’s best Hulk work

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    Special thanks to all you Boston Comic Con fans for a hugely successful show! We have just announced the dates of our next show: October 24th & 25th. Our guest list so far includes Tim Sale, Bill Sienkiewicz, Geoff Darrow, Khoi Pham, Cliff Chiang, and Herb Trimpe! Check out http://www.bostoncomiccon.com for more information and updates to the guest list.

    Herb Trimpe!


    1. Holy Moly! That’s great! Thanks for keeping us posted Will! We’ll have to make sure to catch up with each other this time around!

  3. Has anyone seen the sketch variant to Astonishing
    X-Men 17 ? If memory serves the X-men face
    their worst fears. The sketch variant depicts a
    very frightened Wolverine as a VERY enraged
    Hulk busts through a wall after him. Great
    cover with an outrageous price on E-Bay ! And
    no I didn’t buy it ! Way outside my budget.

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