Hulk Water Gun and Light Up Yo-yo (2009)

Hulk Yo-Yo

Hulk Yo-Yo

Here’s a couple more Hulk toys for you to find – the yo-yo is at Target while the water gun is at the Dollar Tree – also, the Yo-yo lights up when you use it.  I love yo-yos, I even know a guy who has made a living off his yo-yoing talents.  He goes around to the schools and spreads positive messages all while playing with his yo-yo.  That sounds dirtier than it really is…  Anyways, the water gun is a simple little toy – but mine leaks like the dickens  – so, not as fun as it should be.  Water guns are supposed to get other people wet while keeping you bone dry.  This soaks you and an added bonus is that if you slip it into your pocket it makes it look like you’ve had an accident.

Hulk Water Gun

Hulk Water Gun

2 responses to “Hulk Water Gun and Light Up Yo-yo (2009)

  1. You need to get more Hulk knock offs, those things are just amazing. Back home our Flee Market had the most ridiculous superhero knock offs, I remember they had a Hulk one…now here is the kicker.

    It was the Thing’s body painted green and an angry Shrek head minus his weird ears.

    There was a Spider-Man toy car that read Spadder-Men and the car had that wimmpy Tobi guy from the Rami Spider-Man films for the graphic, not even wearing the costume.

    Oh man that stuff is great!

  2. abdi kadar sadiq rin amal abdi

    this is a nice gun where did u grt it from i want it for my little brother

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