Hulk Stickers/Tattoos/Sticker Album (2009)

Continuing with the “value product – I’ll give you an extra little post here.  This set of little Hulk goodies are found at Target.  The stickers are sparkly and they have the Hulk and a couple Abomination figures on them – stickers are good honest fun – unless you put them in your hair, likeContinue reading “Hulk Stickers/Tattoos/Sticker Album (2009)”

Hulk #12 (2009) – The Review

So, apparently I offended some people in my last review – I will try to conduct myself a little more respectfully this time.  I – boy do I hate admitting this – I somewhat enjoyed this issue but their are WAY too many problems with this issue to call it any good.  But let’s begin…Continue reading “Hulk #12 (2009) – The Review”