Planet Skaar Prologue (2009) – The Review

Planet Skaar Prolouge
Planet Skaar Prologue

Skaar is coming.  I have to admit I was losing interest in this series – but it certainly picked up in the last few issues.  As soon as the Surfer came back it was a hard book to put down.  Let’s just say, Galactus put the “all powerful” Skaar in his place (boy, Galactus has been busy lately, huh?)  And Skaar learned that his father is alive and well on his home planet.  Now Skaar is coming to let his dad know just how he feels about being abandoned.

The issue begins with Bruce in a diner getting terrible service.  Skaar is coming closer and wants his father – suddenly Bruce Hulks out and starts running.  Jen Walters also Hulks out and just begins running too.  Reed Richards is in his lab and we read his unsent letter to Bruce.  He says that he did the calculations – that he figured out that his son had survived and has been trying to track him down ever since the events in WWH.  Suddenly a worm hole opens up and Skaar has arrived.  The FF head out and meet up with She Hulk – they tell her that the Invisible Woman is busy trying to slow down the Hulk so that he and his son don’t meet up.

She Hulk and the FF reach where Skaar is and try approaching him – but Skaar easily dispatches them.  He takes on the thing and a whole bunch of tanks – oh wait!  I forgot about the warbound!  Sorry, I’m doing this from memory.   The Warbounds powers are going a bit out of control and they feel Skaar is on Earth.  Norman Osborn send out troops to take Skaar out – but Skaar takes the troops on with his huge sword pretty easily.  Then they send in the bombs.  And as one of them touches ground right where Skaar stands a huge explosion goes off.  The Hulk stops running and snaps out of the trance he seemed to be in.  She Hulk says she can’t “feel” Skaar anymore.  The issue ends by showing a young boy standing on a hill – his eyes are glowing green.

All in all pretty interesting start to what I hope is a great series.  B-

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3 thoughts on “Planet Skaar Prologue (2009) – The Review

  1. What a contrast to Loeb’s terrible Hulk writing. I’m disappointed this isn’t going to be an ‘event’ but I’m excited to read the next Son of Hulk book!

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