Marvel Poster (1972)

1972 Marvel Poster - Yes, Thank You!
1972 Marvel Poster - Yes, Thank You!

Here is a poster that comic shops would get to try and advertise Marvel comics.  This was acquired at Comically Speaking during my last visit – how could I not pick this up?  I asked around and am pretty sure this was a piece cobbled together from different artists.  For example, I’ve heard names thrown out there like John Buscema and Sinnot.  The Hulk looks like Rich Buckler’s handy work – but the Spidey was argued to be a Romita – but then again could be Busema’s as well…

Close up of the Hulk - is this Buscema's or Buckler's?
Close up of the Hulk - is this Buscema's or Buckler's?

All in all this was an amazing catch – one that will have a special place in the Hulk room because it’s just that freakin’ cool!  Vintage finds like this will always be high on my list of greatest things ever – they just have such a quality that today’s items don’t have.  Classic all the way!

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30 thoughts on “Marvel Poster (1972)

  1. Love it! It’s my absolute favorite picture of the Torch, ever (does anyone, really, have a favorite picture of the Human Torch?).
    I’m not sure that’s a Romita, Sr. Spidey, though.

    1. Yeah, it’s been argued that it’s Buscema’s Spidey. I wish they made it clear who the artists were on this.

  2. Without a shadow of a doubt it is amazing!!!!

    You sir, are so lucky to find a piece like this in the good condition that it’s in.

  3. I am from England UK and I have this poster. It was done for the UK Marvel comics as a gift. You had to send away for the poster by collecting coupons cut out of the UK Marvel editions (titled ‘The Mighty World Of Marvel’) 1n 1972. If you look at the printing credits in the top right hand corner, you will see what I mean.
    These posters are highly sought after, the last one I saw for sale on Ebay went for £85 UK pounds, that’s well over $100 US Dollars!!!

  4. …sorry, I meant top ‘left’ hand corner! oops!

    Just to add to ‘who was the artist’ on this poster, in a UK edition of ‘Mighty World Of Marvel’, shortly after the poster was distributed, a fan wrote and asked who the artist was and the reply was ‘Buscema’.

  5. Thanks for the info Johnny.

    What part of the UK are you from?

    Me? I am from rough, tough Birmingham (the dodgey bit!).

  6. Hello Marco! I am originally from rough, tough Hackney in East London….but now live in the more idyllic countryside of Norfolk in the not so idyllic town of Kings Lynn.
    I’m a massive 1960’s Marvel fan, particularly Kirby’s Hulk and try to collect everything that has a Kirby Hulk image on!!!
    Sorry, but I not too keen the ‘new’ Hulk….as for ‘red’ Hulk…don’t even get me started!
    Vintage for me.

  7. Alright Johnny,

    I know what you mean, 60’s through to 80’s was good. 90’s not so much.

    Jeph Loeb’s stuff I am not happy with at all. The Red Hulk has potential if done by a proper writer Peter David, Greg Pak etc.

    Has mentioned in previous blogs Loeb is only good with creating new idea’s (though rubbish at implementing them properly). That and his television/film contacts are probably the only reason the man has a job!

    The only good thing is that they are doing with Hulk at the moment is that they are using him to set things up for the future eg, Skaar, Lyra etc.

  8. Artist wise, Severin done a great job in the late 6o’s early 70’s, so did Trimpe. Buscema’s Hulk was great too…especially on that poster! I was 12 when I got it and it’s been on my wall wherever I’ve moved to. Obviously started life on my bedroom wall, it now resides on my garage conversion wall above the comic shelf….Hulk still looking down at me! I recently had some people round and someone offered to buy it for £60, no way! I’ve still got the letter Marvel sent with it, I basically never had enough coupons and had to beg them for it, they were brilliant and also sent a Hulk transfer which came free with #1 MWOM….a brilliant Kirby image from ‘Tales To Astonish #60’.

    I’m not too clued up on recent events but I know Skaar is Hulk’s son? Who’s Lyra?

    1. Lyra is the Hulk’s daughter with Thundra.

      Glad to hear how much you like the vintage Hulk stuff – It’s my favorite as well – Do you have the original comics?

      1. Original Hulk 1960’s USA comics, of course!
        I have ‘Incredible Hulk’ 2-6 ,then ‘Tales To Astonish’ 59- 101, ‘Fantastic Four’ #12 (Hulk crossover), ‘Journey into Mystery #112 (Hulk crossover), ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #14 (Hulk crossover), Avengers 1-20+, and ‘Incredible Hulk’ 102 – various issues.
        Also have Hulk’s first UK appearance comics in ‘Smash’ (1966/7).
        Got quite a collection but don’t go for ‘mint’ copies as they are just too expensive. Got really lucky with some though. Avengers #1 cost me £48 and it’s in really good condition….result!
        Ebay has opened up a whole new world for collectors, comics that I thought were impossible to get are now becoming available, providing you have the funds of course!

        Earliest ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ is #3 (first ever Ditko Spidey ‘pin-up’ in this issue) and earliest ‘Fantastic Four’ #3 (their first costumes and superb cover!).
        Earliest ‘X-men’ #3
        Daredevil #1-7 (yellow costume, then red in #7)

        By the way, look out for ‘Tales To Astonish’ #62….it has a brilliant Kirby Hulk pin-up (the first ever Hulk pin-up). Obviously be careful as some have the pin-up missing.

        I know you have the 60’s comics Ratchet….including Hulk #1 you lucky so & so!!! Got offered one once for £300, it was rough copy but I didn’t have the funds.

      2. When you do get Hulk #1 you’ll probably be like me and take it out at least once a week to look at it. I am impressed by your list – I have the entire run of the Hulk but I almost have every Hulk crossover as well – I am missing FF #12 and #25.

  9. Crikey Johnny,

    You have alot!!!!

    I have mostly stuff from the 70’s or 80’s. The 60’s stuff I do have is alot of is the UK Marvel reprints from 60’s & 70’s.

    The series that I have virtually all the issue’s from is The Rampaging Hulk the black & white magazine from the 70’s.

    I have all the black & white issue’s of the classic Howard The Duck series from the 70’s.

    Also, the let you guys know (though I feel is a bit of an overkill), that the Hulk has by my reckoning 6 different kids by 5 different women. If this keeps up he will soon overtake Wolverine in the baby making department!

    Which, is not a good look for the Hulk in my humble opinion.

  10. ‘Rampaging Hulk’ was a great series! Set in the Hulk’s early days (1960’s) and brilliantly drawn they even included the old X-Men & Avengers in a couple of issues didn’t they Marco.
    I only collect 1960’s or 60’s related (like ‘Rampaging Hulk’) and some early-mid 70’s.

    I also have a huge UK collection including the ‘Power’ comics of 1966/7 ‘Smash’, ‘Pow’, ‘Fantastic’ & ‘Wham’ which preceeded the UK ‘Mighty World Of Marvel’. I didn’t get them at the time but only in the last couple of years mainly through Ebay.

    Just seen another of the poster go for £61 on Ebay last night!!

    All those kids!!?? Hulk sure has a sexual appetite!
    “Hulk Bang!”

    1. I know it is getting silly!

      I do have quite afew of the early 70’s. Hulk’s 2nd fight against rhino. Hulk vs Night/Dark Crawler etc.

      I will be giving my take on that nostalgia magazine that recently interviewed one Ken Johnson who produced the hulk tv series.

      If things went to plan, Hulk would have been a bigger player in the MU then he is.

  11. “‘Rampaging Hulk’ was a great series! Set in the Hulk’s early days (1960’s) and brilliantly drawn they even included the old X-Men & Avengers in a couple of issues didn’t they?”

    I have this entire series – and it’s one of the things I miss – huge comics. I loved these mags

  12. hi there , i have a 1988 the incredable hulk jig saw puzzle , 100 pieces, unopened the picture is our hero saving a bus of children on a mountain there any intrest in this kind of puzzle and maybe even value ? thanks koh

    1. Hi Koh,
      Personally, for me anyway, 1988 is just NOT vintage enough. Now, if it was from the 1960’s and commissioned by ‘Marvelmania’ it would definitely be of interest!
      Sorry I can’t help you but ‘ratchet’ may know a bit more about it…..

      1. Most things made in the late 80’s are pretty worthless – sorry to say – Vintage still refers to 60’s 70’s – well, referencing Hulk stuff anyways…

    1. You’re sure of this Joe? By the way – I missed you at the Boston Comic Con – I was hoping to catch you there – but maybe another time! Thanks for stopping by my site!

  13. Yes, definitely Buscema, I think it was also given away if you subscribed to ‘Foom’ for a year, I’m pretty sure it’s advertised in one of the Foom issues.
    I recently managed to get hold of another copy of the poster here in the UK, a bit dog eared but nice for £20!!

  14. Hi everyone,
    ive got one of these for sale if anybody is interested.
    I too sent off a load of coupons to get it!
    Its been in a frame for years although it does have 1 drawing pin hole in each corner.
    I am in the UK.

  15. hi i have recently found a number of the above posters in my attic ..unnoppened envelopes ..i wont say how many as yet
    as i was looking for a price guide.
    they have never been out of the envelopes ..with the small piece of paperork to go with em

    any help with prices will be appreciated
    theses are not fake they are origional ..i will quarantee that

  16. …that’s great, good find mate! I guess you are in the UK and that you worked at Marvel UK back in the 70’s? Just a guess.
    Are you gonna put them on ebay? As a price guide I’d put them somewhere between £40 – 80.
    let us know what you’re gonna do with them Les!

  17. i have a mint copy of this poster .. and will be willing to sell, it comes with the origional envelope and small note ……………… this 100% mint condition … it is folded , but that is how they came ……….will be going on ebay soon …it has never been out for the envelope so it has the same colours as when it went in in 1972

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