Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk (2009) – The Review

Since I took last week off I didn’t have a chance to review the final issue of this mini-series.  Out of the 2 Wolverine storyarcs I was reading – this was the least impressive.  Old Man Logan was freakin’  badass!  I was hoping the same for this finale – but it wasn’t as brutal as I thought.  Still, it wasn’t bad either…

Logan shows up at Betty’s hotel and tells her to put the collar, that he made in the last issue, around her neck.  “Or what?” she asks and Logan inform her “Or I kill your boyfriend”  Well, the rest of the interaction goes as you’d expect with Betty Hulking out and sticking her thumb through Wolverine’s eye.  Logan has the upperhand though ready to pop a claw through her liver.  He tells her to put the collar on and then heads out to find Bruce.

Logan catches up with Bruce on the plane to Casablanca.  He snaps the collar around his nech and tells Bruce that he wants the Hulk to die – but he wants him to die AS THE HULK.  Bruce has other plans as he jumps out of the plane.  Logan follows him out and catches up with Bruce as they plummet to the ground.  Bruce gives him the option – Kill him or take the collar off so he can turn into the Hulk.  Wolverine chooses the latter.  When they hit the ground Bruce has Hulked out and is holding Wolverine as they are greeted by Fury. 

Fury tell the boys that he has Betty locked away to try to revese what she did to herself and that the Hulk is free.  He’s also welcomed to come work for them.  The Hulk says he’d never work for Fury – Fury replies with “Hulk?  Probably not.  But there’s someone inside that disgusting green pile of twisted muscle that is deeply in love with the woman currently in my custody.”  Hulk let’s go of Fury and he rides off.  Wolverine and Hulk walk off together toward the next town.  Logan says he’s still pissed that the Hulk ripped him in half and the Hulk basically says to talk to someone who cares – but not in those words – instead he tells him it’s good for the soul.  Wolverine says his soul was ripped out long ago – and Hulk responds with “I thought you grew everything back”  Wolverine has the last word in this comic – but your gonna have to read it yourself to find out what it was…

This issue wasn’t bad – just wasn’t the brawl I was hoping for.  Grade B- 

The whole series wasn’t too bad either.  Grade B-

How long it took to come out?  F-

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