Heavy Hitters Raging Hulk (1996)

Heavy Hitter's Rampaging Hulk!

Heavy Hitter's Rampaging Hulk!

Remember those Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots?  Well, in the later 90’s Marvel brought out their own version of those with the Heavy Hitters.  Basically, you take the action figure provided and snap it into place on the joy stick.  There are buttons that will make the Hulk punch, kick and give intimidating, dirty looks to your opponent.  All of that is true… except the dirty looks part.  When you are defeated the figure slumps over, like he just got kicked in the nuts or he’s had too much to drink and is praying to the porcelain gods.  I had this figure glued to my dash board when I was younger.  It made the girls go crazy.  Or one girl.  The one girl who would talk to me.  Also known as my sister.

6 responses to “Heavy Hitters Raging Hulk (1996)

  1. Hulk-Man(always on)

    “It made the girls go crazy. Or one girl. The one girl who would talk to me. Also known as my sister.”
    BWAHAHA!!! lol… that’s too funny!

  2. By the placement of that black box…it looks as if Wolverine pulled a Lindsey Lohan

  3. They also have this item in 2 pack heavy hitters, Venom/Spidey and Hulk/Wolverine. Extra info for those fans who don’t know.

  4. Great commentary, as usual, Ratch.

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