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Lots More Added to the COMICS Page

Don’t think I’ve forgotten – or haven’t updated the site just because there may not be a new post on the home page. I have added quite a few comics to the checklist on the COMICS page – also, I have added a couple more reviews of shops I found – but get ready after this weekend because I’m heading to NY and plan on hitting a few shops I’ve never been to!  I’ve been working hard at putting together a really USEFUL but entertaining site here – hope everyone there appreciates and enjoys it!

Man, I gotta go to bed…

Best Cover Ever… Part 7

Here is a cover for the ages – one that should be shown anytime any ya-hoo tries to claim the Hulk isn’t a “hero” but instead, a mindless, rage filled, child-like monster that only helps people by accident.  Well, here is an image that you can show them and say “Without the Hulk your precious hero would be a pancake.”  That’s right!  A pancake!  The Hulk held up a freakin’ mountain!  A mountain!  I just picked this issue up to add to my collection.  It’s funny, as I was searching through my issues I realized that I never picked THIS specific issue up!  How could I not have this issue?  Well, as I stated above – I remedied that problem.

Hulk Shirt #22 (2009)

Hulk Shirt 21

Hulk Shirt 21

There are a few Hulk shirts that I have passed up – ones that I was fine with not owning – I do wear most of my Hulk shirts and proudly, I might add.  I was thinking about letting this Hulk shirt go, I mean it has sort of pastel colors, I don’t do pastel, and it’s very… feminine.  But it does have a Hulk image that is classic, amazing in fact.  Props will go to the person who can identify which cover that image comes off of – a small hint, because this is an easy question already, but it’s not a Hulk comic.  Anyways, this shirt may come out of the Hulk room someday – but my cat seems extra fond of it and as a bed right now (it’s laying on the couch) so I have a feeling it’s already been hijacked.  I don’t mind giving things up for my cat though – cause he’s a bad ass!  He’s taken down 3 mice and countless moths in the house – the least I can do is make him comfortable with a Hulk shirt.

Biggety Bam!  Hulk in Pastels!

Biggety Bam! Hulk in Pastels!