Marvel Fanfare #7 (1983) – The Review

Marvel Fanfare #7

Marvel Fanfare #7

Marvel Fanfare has some original Hulk stories that absolutely rock!  This is a great story that pitts the immovable Blob and the untouchable Unus against the strongest living mortal on the planet!  The story starts with the Hulk being attacked by some army men – the Hulk dispatches them and jumps away.  Meanwhile, the Blob has taken to running a traveling circus and Unus is with him, which makes sense since the Blob is the only one who can actually get near him.  The Blob has been taking care of Unus – so much as he even feeds him – Unus, meanwhile, is depressed because his powers have grown so much that he’s doomed without the Blob. 

The Hulk touches down near the circus and is a little hungry so he sets his sights on a hot dog vendor.  As each of the circus performers attacks the Hulk he dispatches them easily until the Blob comes out to play.  The Hulk attacks – but the Blob laughs off punch after punch – the Hulk remembers the last time they met and it only makes him angrier.  The Hulk picks the Blob up off the ground – ripping the Earth up right with him – and Hulk tosses him right into the tent that houses Unus.  Because of the force field, the Blob goes shooting right back at the Hulk and gets punched and knocked right out.  Unus threatens the Hulk and tells him he has no chance against him in a fight – the Hulk doesn’t listen and charges Unus.  This doesn’t go well though… the Hulk goes flying backward – but only for a moment – the Hulk gets up and attacks again but is surprised by the Blob squishing him between his mighty weight and the force field.  As the Hulk begins to move forward he actually pushes Unus backward.

The Hulk tries to jump away because he’s getting bored with these two buffoons but the Blob grabs onto his ankle and takes off with him.  Unus, knowing the force field was only going to get stronger with every step he takes, decides to rescue his friend.  When the Blob and Hulk land they trade blows over and over and then realizes that he’s going to beat the Blob that he has to use his power against him.  The Hulk punches his big gut and keeps pushing his fist harder until the Blob is sent flying backward and knocked unconscious.  Unus arrives and heads toward the Hulk.  The Hulk takes him out in one punch.

Hulk Can - and Does Smash Unus!

Hulk Can - and Does Smash Unus!

A great match up that fans at the time were clamoring to see – and silencing the mutant fans and especially the Blob fans that tried to claim that the Hulk can’t move the immovable Blob.  Well, this comic put that right to rest, didn’t it?  Grade: B+


3 responses to “Marvel Fanfare #7 (1983) – The Review

  1. I have them all!

  2. Ratchet I just picked this up tonight with the new Fall of the hulks Gamma. I got it in good condition for only a dollar. I didn’t read the Daredevil in this issue yet. Have you read the other solo hulk story Steven Grant wrote in Hulk 244? Carmine Infantino drew it. It was right before Mantlo’s first issue. I have two other Marvel Fanfare hulk stories,the John Byrne one and a Mantlo written and Michael Golden drawn 47 issue. I hope you review those issues someday. Have you read them?

  3. Hi,
    Joe Barney here, the penciller of this long lost book. Glad you enjoyed it. I recently came across this video a fan made of the story, complete with sound effects, music, and pan & zoom camera moves (not unlike the original Marvel Superhero cartoons of the 60’s). It’s really well done, so I thought I’d pass on the link so you can check it out.

    Cheers ~

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