Fantastic Four #26 (1964)

Fantastic Four #26

Fantastic Four #26

I am so psyched to acquire another early Hulk appearance – this time it’s Fantastic Four #26 – I have a very rough copy of #112 and will upgrade that copy someday – but for now I have it and I’m happy.  The only grails I have left are FF #25 – and of course the one that started it all FF #12.  I can’t say I would be excited as I was when I got Incredible Hulk #1 but it would be right up there as far as great moments in my life.  I found this issue at the Joker’s Child in N.J. – the shop itself was gorgeous and I love how they displayed their early issues – but this was the one that caught my eye, of course!  I wish it were the better cover -#25 – but I will get that one eventually!  Man, I love it!

Rick Jones - that boy can climb!

Rick Jones - that boy can climb!

5 responses to “Fantastic Four #26 (1964)

  1. Good catch ratch, the first World War Hulk. This ish will go up in price after the Avengers with the Hulk movie comes out, no doubt. Question: did you ever did a review of all the Hulk vs. DC heros?If you haven’t then please consider it. To date Hulk has fought Superman 3 times (a unknown 4th unseen),Green Lantern once and Batman once.

  2. I’ll have to look into those – I have quite a few reviews back logged already – but I will get to these!

  3. Hey Hulk 465
    I know the 3 battles. Marvel Treasury 28 Superman
    & Spider-man, Incredible Hulk Vs. Superman ( art
    by Steve Rude ) and Marvel Vs. DC # 3. What
    was the 4th ? Was it off panel in one of those
    issues ? It’s late and my memory is sketchy.

  4. Anthony- Here’s the thing, in JLA/Avengers#1 Supes goes to the Marvel world and views the Hulk after the destruction he’s caused and wants to get involved to stop Hulk, but does not. At the same time Batman gets involved and stops the Punisher. Some folks on the net/mess/boards years back think that maybe Supes did also, but there’s NO evidence of this. No fight, not even a true meeting. Just Supes seeing Hulk and Hulk not even knowing it.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I checked my JLA Avengers and people are reaching a bit with that one but if they DID fight my version has Hulk tearing Superman a new one. I never cared for how easily he handled Thor and since Hulk and Thor usually fight to a standstill it made the
      Hulk suffer by comparison.

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