Marvel Comics Presents #6 (1988) – The Review

This issue was harder to find than I thought it would be – and I was a little surprised to hear the Hulk was in it because he’s not on the cover – no, instead he’s on the back cover – and you can tell by the image it’s the grey Hulk, not just theContinue reading “Marvel Comics Presents #6 (1988) – The Review”

The Hulk and Doom Mini-Mates (2009)

Let me tell you – Doom knows the power he’s dealing with when he tangles with the Hulk.  As evident as his first encounter with him in the now classics Incredible Hulk #143 and #144 – Doom wanted to harness the Hulk’s power for is own greedy needs – but this isn’t the last time theContinue reading “The Hulk and Doom Mini-Mates (2009)”