The Hulk and Doom Mini-Mates (2009)

Hulk and Doom Mini-Mates 2-Pack
Hulk and Doom Mini-Mates 2-Pack

Let me tell you – Doom knows the power he’s dealing with when he tangles with the Hulk.  As evident as his first encounter with him in the now classics Incredible Hulk #143 and #144 – Doom wanted to harness the Hulk’s power for is own greedy needs – but this isn’t the last time the two tangled.  Hulk also had to suffer through Doom trying to mess with him when in Incredible Hulk #350 and Fantastic Four #320.  But this Mini-Mate 2-pack combines the 2 enemies, and I have to say, I was a bit surprised.  Nicely surprised – because how many times are they going to package the Leader, Abomination, the Thing and others with the Hulk!  I like to see more of a change when Hulk toys are packaged with another character.

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