Hulk Plastic Figure (1991)

1991 Applause Hulk Figure
1991 Applause Hulk Figure

The bottom of this figure says “Applause” and what looks like “1991”.  Not sure where this figure came from – or if it’s from anything but it’s about 2 inches high and I’ve only seen it just once.  I thought I had all of the tiny Hulks out there but this one escaped me for too long!  I found this at Bedrock Comics in Framingham at the time when I scooped up quite a few Hulk comics.  I really love that shop – each time I go there it seems like I find something new which is really hard to do!  Most shops I visit have nothing new to offer in the Hulk realm – but this one does!  Almost every time I visit!  It’s made of solid plastic and – I’m amazed at what kind of detail they can make in these little guys – the rip in his pants, the rope around the waist, this little guy is just plain awesome!  Maybe it’s because since the movie I haven’t really found any Hulk figures anymore – so I was probably more excited about getting this than I should be.

Back of Figure
Back of Figure

With how popular the MCP review was that I did yesterday – next week will be a full week dedicated to all of the Hulk’s appearances in the series!  See you Monday!

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One thought on “Hulk Plastic Figure (1991)

  1. There’s actually another version of this guy with a slightly different pose. Also, I believe the same company did a similar one with the Hulk in a Santa suit. Yeah. Kinky.

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