Marvel Comics Presents #45 (1990) – The Review

Marvel Comics Presents #45

Marvel Comics Presents #45

So, in the hey day of Mr. Fixit, it seems there were plenty of writers wanting to take a crack at this great persona of the Hulk.  While the stories weren’t very long they were absolutely entertaining – and this one is my favorite.  Why?  It’s entitled “The Main Event” and it matches up the Incredible Hulk vs. The Hulk… the freakin’ wrestler!  While this isn’t the most accurate in history or character sense – how can you not be entertained by it?  I’ll explain…

Back cover - almost looks like Larson - but it's not...

Back cover - almost looks like Larsen - but it's not...

This issue wraps up in a few short pages and literally has the wrestler Hulk shooting his mouth off about how he is the best and strongest out there.  That’s when the real Hulk has had enough and jumps into the ring to silence the buffoon.  As the real Hulk embarrasses the wrestler with every move a fan, watching from home, is remarking on how the wrestler Hulk is really getting pummeled.  Then the Hulk hits the… uhhh… Hulk out of the building, sending him across town and landing in the fan’s living room.  The story ends with the Hulk threatening to teach the other wrestlers using superhero aliases a lesson if they keep using the name to get ahead.  As the referee announces the Hulk as the winner the Hulk remarks that he can call him Mr. Fixit – and they can call me Incredible you-know-what.

Hulk vs Hulk - but Hulk isn't fairing well against the Hulk

Hulk vs Hulk - but Hulk isn't fairing well against the Hulk

The reason why it’s not very accurate is because Fixit didn’t want to be found out as the Hulk – he would never risk getting spotted and losing his cushy little job just to defend the “Hulk” name – which he wasn’t even very fond of.  But who freakin’ cares!  This story is classic just for the match up!  How can you not love this story?  Grade: A

Thor looks a bit prissy to be a wrestler...

Thor looks a bit prissy to be a wrestler...

8 responses to “Marvel Comics Presents #45 (1990) – The Review

  1. The back cover is by the fantastic Kevin O’Neill, of recent ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ fame and earlier the artist on 2000AD’s ‘Nemesis the Warlock’ and ‘ABC Warriors’. I wonder if he ever did any other Hulk work?

    • Not that I’m aware of – but the rendition above does remind me a lot of his Hyde. Thanks for the info!

  2. They should put all these Marvel comics presents Hulk stories in one volume.

    • They really should – they did it for the Wolverive stories… I’m not sure how those sold – but I’d imagine the Hulk MCP stories would sell just as well!

  3. Mercenary Nonsense

    i wonder how long will the thor in here will last against the actual thor

  4. Hah, that definitely looks like an entertaining read!

    It’s pretty funny because according to “Hulk Hogan” (Real name: Terry Bollea), he had only taken on the Hulk name at the last minute. Originally they were going to make his persona a red-headed Irishman.

    According to Wikipedia, he took on the name of Hulk because he found that he was actually bigger in size than Lou Ferrigno. Who knew?

  5. Pikachumanson

    Man i have been looking for this comic for years!

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