Marvel Comics Presents #38 (1989) – The Review

Marvel Comics Presents #38
Marvel Comics Presents #38

This story, entitled “Art for Art’s Sake”, has Fixit being sent to a musician’s house to strong arm him into playing at Mr. B’s girlfriend’s party.  See, when Brian Newman was an up and comer Mr. B helped him get on his feet and become a best selling artist.  So, Hulk heads out to Brian Newman’s place and when confronted Newman tells Fixit to go ahead and break his hands.  He would rather that then play the terrible songs he was forced to sing to become a best-seller.  He tells Fixit that Mr. B did help him – but on his terms only – forced him to sing pop songs he hated.  Newman tells the Hulk about the latest project – the music that comes from his soul – he even plays it for Fixit.

Do you take requests?  Can you play Superfreak?
Do you take requests? Can you play Superfreak?

After this Fixit call up Mr. B and tells him that Newman won’t be playing the party.  To hire Wayne Newton instead.  The story is fine – I’m not sure if this guy could convince the Hulk to defy Mr. B – but it’s like the old adage “Music soothes the savage beast” – so whatever.  Grade: C

Is this Domino Pizza?
Is this Domino Pizza?

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