Skaar: Son of Hulk #12 (2009) – The Review

Skaar: Son of Hulk #12

Skaar: Son of Hulk #12

I know this post is really late going up – but I left my computer at work last night and didn’t get it again until this morning – but here it is!

Let’s take a break from the MCP reviews with something a little more current!  I forgot to review #11 – although I will admit, it’s in my “To Read” pile and I haven’t even touched it.  I’ve had a lot to do.  With only a month or so left till my daughter arrives it seems like my to do list just gets bigger and bigger.  Anyways, this issue starts with the Hulk calling Skaar out – and Skaar coming back with “I thought you’d be bigger” (what a great line).  This is how it’s supposed to be – at the age of thirteen, every Forgeday, a son must test his father and the father must tame the son.  Hulk and Skaar trade blows while the warbound looks on and notices that this fight is taking place a little too close to a nuclear power plant.  Skaar asks the Hulk if that’s the hardest he can hit – and Hulk shows him that it wasn’t.  Korg steps in to try to calm things down but Hulk only uses him as a weapon to hit Skaar with.  Then, Korg tells each of them that if they are going to fight that they must at least tell each other what their grievances with each other is.  Skaar asks what kind of “hero” leaves his son to burn, his world to die?  Hulk answers with… stupid Hulk talk.

Hulk is in his Savage persona, he doesn’t even recognize Korg or Skaar – this may be Pak’s attempt to fix Loeb’s disgusting past two years of writing – but when he looks into Skaar’s eyes he sees Caiera and he remembers.  Skaar asks him if he knows he is Green Scar – and Hulk responds with, “Nope!  I’m the World Breaker, Bitch!”  Alright, I added the bitch part…

Remembering makes the Hulk transform into Bruce Banner – and back into the Savage Hulk again – like he’s trying to forget or something.  Skaar asks him to show himself – to show the World Breaker again.  Skaar send a crack along the canyon floor, right toward the power plant.  The Warbound go into action to try to stop a meltdown from occurring.  Skaar asks Hulk to see Green Scar again – and Hulk refuses to go and help stop the meltdown.  Hulk hold the containment building together – but as one of the towers crumble the Hulk turns his attention to it – the containment building begins to blow.  Everyone believes this will be it – until Skaar uses the Old Power to stop the meltdown.  Elloe Kaifi asks why he fights with a sword if he has all that power – Skaar answers by plunging said sword into the Hulk’s chest saying it’s more fun.  (By the way – if this ever comes up to buy – I so want it!)

Skaar walks away calling the Hulk a moron and saying that he’ll be back when there is someone in there worth killing and tells them to stay ways until then – because this is his planet now.  The last scene of this story shows the devastation that the fight had on the area, molten lava flowing between huge cracks in the Earth’s crust.  Just plain awesome – it really sets Skaar up as a bad ass not to be reckoned with.  Just a fantastic build up!  Grade: A (PAK IS BACK BABY!)

There is a variant cover showcasing the Hulk – as well as a wraparound variant cover and an even scarcer sketch variant cover – but since it’s early and I have no camera you’ll just seek these out to see for your self.

There is a second story – a worthy read as well – of the Surfer warning a world about the coming of Galactus.  Because their world is strong with the old power Galactus will come.  The Surfer tells them about Caiera’s sacrifice so that others may live – and he also tells of Skaar’s defiance.  How after Galactus had fed and would have slept for thousands of years – but Skaar, with one last attack, wakes the eater of worlds and he hungers once again for more.  The Surfer tried to stop him – only to be batted away in a blink of an eye.  He warns for the inhabitants of the planet to leave before Galactus gets there – to remember who to honor (Caiera) and who to curse (Skaar, now on Earth).  We join Skaar on Earth, in Iowa, where a much younger version of himself is sitting at a lake, staring at a much older reflection, and damning him.  Man, this comic has me jazzed about Hulk comics again!

6 responses to “Skaar: Son of Hulk #12 (2009) – The Review

  1. My only beef with this story is Hulk showing fear on his face with that sword in him. Sorry, but that is not how Hulk would act in that situation. He would’ve winced in pain or be mad as hell.

    • I agree – but I like to think it was more shock on his face – because he couldn’t believe it actually happened.

  2. Cool issue by the sounds of it but that sword hit was a sucker punch move just wait till round 2.

    • Mercenary Nonsense

      One thing thats bothering me a bit. A few writers seem like they’re using Hulk as their own punching bag to fame. Look at red hulk he beat hulk twice but hulk beat him twice with one punch in both of those fights just so Loeb so how powerful he is so ppl will buy his comic.In my opinion something similiar is happeneing here.

  3. Frightful, but eyes are kind

  4. I really enjoyed the issue and have enjoyed the Skaar arc in its entirety so far.

    I think Pak’s Skaar vs Hulk situation is far more entertaining and has more depth than Loeb’s Red Hulk vs Green Hulk deal.

    I also enjoy the irony that Skaar shares that same odd relationship with his hulk side that Bruce does. He truly does seem to be his father’s son. I’m also happy that they’re keeping Skaar’s Old Power intact.

    I don’t have the issue in front of me (so I can’t recall the words exactly and sorry if I butcher it) but the line that Skaar delivers to Kate Waynesboro was awesome. Something about how she’s only -borrowing- the Old Power from him, heh.

    It just makes me anticipate the final showdown between he and his father that much more!

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