Wizard #214 is Hulk-tastic!

Savage Showmen Top Ten by Wizard

Savage Showmen Top Ten by Wizard

Listen, it’s been a while since I actually bought a Wizard, the magazine just doesn’t do it for me anymore – but a friend told me to check it out for a few Hulk treats inside.  There’s a top ten list entitled Savage Showmen where they count down the Hulk’s most successful creators.  Here’s what we got:

10) Bill Mantlo – Okay, sure.  He wrote some of the most classic Hulk tales – he deserves his due.

9) Ed Mcguinness – let’s be honest here, he’s the only reason people are buying the book right now.  Maybe he deserves this spot, but I’m still inclined to say not.

8 ) Bruce Jones – Wait, Seriously?!?  Bruce freakin’ Jones?  Someone needs a reality check!  The guy was one of the worst Hulk scribes of Hulk history!  No way does he deserve a spot!

7) Todd McFarlane – I know not everyone is a fan. but I am, he’s the guy who was drawing the book when I first started reading it, so I have a soft spot for this guy.

6) Dale Keown – Hands down, one of the most revered Hulk artist out there.

5) Gary Frank – Not a fan of this artist rendition of the Hulk.  I know there are people who love this guy – but I can’t say I’m one of them.

4) Herb Trimpe – By far my favorite, so yeah, I think he should be higher on this list!

3) Greg Pak – For writing one of the most memorable Hulk stories in years, he’s earned his spot.  But #3?  Really?

2) Sal Buscema – Can’t argue this one either, if it’s not Keown that Hulk fans want – it’s Buscema!

1) Peter David – The man, the legend, and here he is at #1.

Ummm… where is Kirby and Lee? 

Shop Talk - everyone hates the Red Hulk...

Shop Talk - everyone hates the Red Hulk...

Also, toward the back near the price guide, you will see a small side bar with Retailer Buzz noting that Hulk is not selling all that well anymore.  The people asked reason that it’s because no one cares about who the Red Hulk is anymore (I agree) – that it’s taken way too long to get the identity (I also agree) and that the inconsistent schedule is killing the book (Yup, yup)

2 responses to “Wizard #214 is Hulk-tastic!

  1. I’m glad that others are seeing the steaming pile of pony love that is the Red Hulk for what he truly is.

  2. I’m not versed well enough in Hulk history to comment on the Top Ten list but I am glad to see that the Red Hulk is losing its appeal. I can only hope that this means they will wrap up the arc soon.

    Hopefully it will also mean that they will think twice before banking on a Loeb gimmick.

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