What If #71 (1995) – The Review

What If? #71

What If? #71

I loved the idea of this book – but it wasn’t the story I was expecting.  First off – the bomb that created the thousand Hulks was not the famous “Test” Gamma Bomb that Bruce created – instead it was the bomb that America dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.  The Hulks were both freaks and super strong mutants that no hero could fight against.  The Hulks quickly took over the world, calling themselves the Oni – and the emperer of the Oni is a mutated one who goes simply by “The Leader”.

A bunch of different Hulks... creepy looking Hulks

A bunch of different Hulks... creepy looking Hulks

The Leader

The Leader

The Leader imprisoned the FF and destroyed the X-Men and any other super hero.  Bruce Banner was a man who realized that the Oni was dying – but that they could be rescued – saved by a dose of Gamma Radiation.  As he was working on the solution, Betty Ross, recognized by her name, was killed because Thunderbolt was the Oni’s enemy.  When she was killed Bruce decided to destry the Oni himself with one last Gamma Bomb.  The bomb was designed to kill the freaks – but at the test site Nick Fury showed up.

Banner - his fate seems to be sealed

Banner - his fate seems to be sealed

Nick Fury, who had been trying to stop the Oni, was meddling with the bomb.  Banner runs out to the site and throws Fury into the blast bunker to save his life – but he was too late to save himself.  He is caught in the blast and becomes the Hulk himself.  But now there is a soilder strong enough to take on the Oni – and Bruce leads the fight against the Oni with the heroes he breaks free.  He is a tortured soul – he is getting revenge on the people that took his beloved Betty away – but he is forced to fight in the skin that his enemies wear.

Heroes fighting together!

Heroes fighting together!

Over all, not a bad issue – but the art is pretty atrocious and the story is quick.  Grade: C

10 responses to “What If #71 (1995) – The Review

  1. Hulk-man-Dude

    So Many Japanese Hulks!

  2. Who drew this issue?

  3. King Hulk Marco

    Looks like that guy who did the artwork for Daredevil & Ghost Rider in the 90’s!

    What is his name?

    I think this is a perfect opportunity for someone to get a fabled Marvel style No-Prize!

  4. Larry Stroman

  5. He didn’t do any Daredevil work but he did do one issue of Ghost Rider.

  6. Larry Stroman was the artist for most of Peter David’s short but sweet run on X-Factor in the early 90s. When Havok was the leader of a government funded mutant team. Those were great issues entirely for Peter’s writing. He made c-list mutants like Multiple Man and Guido (let’s forget he named him Strong Guy) fantastic characters, and was the first writer that I know of to take my man Havok out of his brothers shadow and put him in a position of power. Once again, let’s hear it for Peter David.

  7. Very interesting story. Thanks much for the review!

  8. Hey Ratchet, I know you don’t collect Skaar: Son of Hulk but I thought you might want to see this:


    This guy created the logo for the book, and he goes through all the variations it went through. His blog is pretty cool (not as good as yours) and he does logo studies of other books like the Fantastic Four and Aquaman.

    • That’s pretty sweet! Thanks for the link – it’s pretty great to see the evolution of the title like that!

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