Planet Hulk DVD – Out in January 2010!

SDCC brings lots of great news – especially about the Planet Hulk DVD coming out in 2010 – check it out by clicking the image above!

8 responses to “Planet Hulk DVD – Out in January 2010!

  1. hey Ratch,I just watched the PLANET HULK trailer-my only complaint so far is that they gave the HULK RED eyes(why do I hate that color…hmmm) I just looked through my PLANET HULK issues and his eyes were always green…anyway I’m sure I’ll love it,take care-Mike

  2. A Hulk animated feature on the Planet Hulk storyline?? That’s awesome!!

  3. It looks amazing!

  4. Vicious! Will anticipate this one for sure.

  5. King Hulk Marco

    Hi guys,

    I viewed the trailer last night and thought it was amazing! I will be buying it for sure!

  6. Mercenary Nonsense

    Great something about the green Hulk that I can look foward to and not the next Rulk issue.

  7. SUH-WEET…!!!!! Can’t wait for this to come out…now it’s a toss-up between Blu-Ray or regular DVD…!

    At least it’s not VHS…

  8. Loveing It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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