Some Good News! New Hulk Figures!

New Hulk Figure... maybe a BAF?  Oh goodness - I hope not...

New Hulk Figure... maybe a BAF? Oh goodness - I hope not...

Both the Marvel Legends line and the Marvel Universe Line have Hulk figures coming out.  It looks like the MU line are putting together Secret Wars 2-Packs including a Hulk/Cyclops pair up.  Hulk and Cyclops?  Really?  Isn’t that like making Brady Bunch 2 packs and putting Greg and Kitty CarryAll together?  Anyways, there’s also a new Hulk figure coming out – one that was supposed to come out in the animated FF toy line that never saw the light of day.

Secret Wars Hulk - nice

Secret Wars Hulk - nice


9 responses to “Some Good News! New Hulk Figures!

  1. Same figure except hands and hair? ok….Not enthused about the BAF….Theyre are pounding on hulk fans right now, with statues/figs and variants…Really i think it’s getting insane keeping up with all this stuff.

    I’m happy more people are enjoying him but i miss the days where he stayed at number 20-30 in the charts.

    And let me say this, if there is a Inc Hulk 2….you can bet, absolutely bet…that the Red Hulk will be in it. For some reason people are eating it up and to Marvel that’s all that matters.

    • Ugh – let’s hope not!

      And as far as the BAF – not sure it’s going to be a BAF – that’s just rumored right now, but I will keep you posted.

      • robesmarlin

        It looks very similar to the red hulk BAF in sculpt (which i unfortunately own) …but the face looks cool.

  2. It’s good to see more Hulk figs coming down the road, but what this a Planet Hulk anime on DVD coming out too? I’m loving it and I hope they do a War World Hulk.

  3. Last I heard there is a World War Hulk animated film in the works, yes.

    And you did hear about the Red She-Hulk and World War Hulks… right?

  4. What size are the Secret War figures supposed to be? The new 3 3/4 style, or legacy Legends?

  5. Two points for a Kitty Carry reference. 😉

  6. Who is the white figure woth the pistols???

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