Some Good News! New Hulk Figures!

New Hulk Figure... maybe a BAF?  Oh goodness - I hope not...
New Hulk Figure... maybe a BAF? Oh goodness - I hope not...

Both the Marvel Legends line and the Marvel Universe Line have Hulk figures coming out.  It looks like the MU line are putting together Secret Wars 2-Packs including a Hulk/Cyclops pair up.  Hulk and Cyclops?  Really?  Isn’t that like making Brady Bunch 2 packs and putting Greg and Kitty CarryAll together?  Anyways, there’s also a new Hulk figure coming out – one that was supposed to come out in the animated FF toy line that never saw the light of day.

Secret Wars Hulk - nice
Secret Wars Hulk - nice

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9 thoughts on “Some Good News! New Hulk Figures!

  1. Same figure except hands and hair? ok….Not enthused about the BAF….Theyre are pounding on hulk fans right now, with statues/figs and variants…Really i think it’s getting insane keeping up with all this stuff.

    I’m happy more people are enjoying him but i miss the days where he stayed at number 20-30 in the charts.

    And let me say this, if there is a Inc Hulk 2….you can bet, absolutely bet…that the Red Hulk will be in it. For some reason people are eating it up and to Marvel that’s all that matters.

    1. Ugh – let’s hope not!

      And as far as the BAF – not sure it’s going to be a BAF – that’s just rumored right now, but I will keep you posted.

      1. It looks very similar to the red hulk BAF in sculpt (which i unfortunately own) …but the face looks cool.

  2. It’s good to see more Hulk figs coming down the road, but what this a Planet Hulk anime on DVD coming out too? I’m loving it and I hope they do a War World Hulk.

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