Too Much Going On…

Well, at least he knows it...

Well, at least he knows it...

Not to post – so it seems everyone still buying this book (including me) have really done it now… turns out Loeb is smugly announcing the plans for the upcoming Hulk books – not featuring the Hulk – not to mention also premiering a “Red She Hulk” character coming out.  That’s right… all is lost.  With the Hulk book selling like gangbusters Loeb and company actually think this means they have been doing a good job.  They even admit that they have increased the book by a dollar because “how we look at the value of what we’re producing. You may not agree with it, and I totally respect that. We look at the prices and the appropriate value for the content that’s in it.”

That’s right – it says that they look at the content of what they are putting out and agree that the Hulk title is actually worth MORE than other books because of the “quality” storytelling that’s inside.  More like – all the top selling books are now going to cost more.  Man, Marvel is really out to kick their fans right in the naughty beans, huh?

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Oh good... a female Crimson Idiot... Oh good… a female Crimson Idiot…

13 responses to “Too Much Going On…

  1. loeb i can’t even to begin stan lee needs to kick his ass cause loebs ripping off his character to make his more popular!!!

  2. Mercenary Nonsense

    I can barely begin with how many thing wrong Loeb has done Stan Lee needs to kick his ass cause Loeb is ripping off the customers and one of stans best creations all so he can get famous!!

  3. What I don’t like is the fact that Marvel is finally acknowledge the She-Hulk brand as a useful property. But not actually using the original character. This whole year has turned into a F*** you Jen Walters.

  4. I might be out of line here, but I can’t help but feel it is BECAUSE of the loyal Hulk fans that Loeb and co. are doing this with the Red Hulk and now the Red She-Hulk (which to me looks like a generic rip-off character). These Hulk fans, which buy these comics each time without fail, no matter how bad it is, just because it has the Hulk brand on it. It’s as if Marvel are looking at the sales numbers instead of listening to the fans’ comments.

    My guess is that Red Hulk was only suppose to last for a few issues, maybe 6 issues at the most. But because Red Hulk generate so much revenue (which judging by the comments on the Internet seem to be out of hate rather than love) Marvel thought “Wow, Rulks making us so much money! We can’t end it now, lets milk this property for as long as possible”.

    I’m not saying that Hulk fans are stupid sheep that buy Hulk stuff blindly. I like the Hulk a lot and I genuinely think the Red Hulk could have been something really entertaining if somebody spent a lot of time and effort to flesh him out.

    What I am trying to say is if you are REALLY unhappy with the Red Hulk, or maybe Loeb’s storytelling abilities, then instead of complaining all the time punish Marvel with your wallets. Stop buying these Hulk comics. Kill the Red Hulk through bad sales. I feel this would be most effective.

    On the other hand I appreciate that this rant of mine is not neccessarily based upon facts. For example I don’t know how much Rulk revenue is generate through loyal Hulk fans. I don’t know who is buying these comics with the Red Hulk in it. Maybe if we knew these facts it would shed some more light into why the Hulk series is getting screwed around so much.

    • I’d love to have an opposing argument to your rant – but unfortunately it’s pretty spot on. You are right – this Red Hulk business is getting out of hand and we only have ourselves to blame…

  5. I completely disagree on the success of the Red Hulk series but I do agree with you on the fact that fans need to speak with their wallets. Even Joe Q said this many times regarding any number of ideas he has cleared.

    That said… buy Agents of Atlas at least once. It’s an excellent series that is in near danger of cancellation. Also, the subscription rates of existing Marvel customers has dropped to $19 and $17 per sub… that’s a nicer price than $4… for a series you like mind you.

  6. King Hulk Marco

    Agents of Atlas is an amazing series I have bought it since issue #1. Why can’t Loeb write as good as this? Why?

    Regarding the creation of a fifth She-Hulk (albeit a red one) in the hands of a capable writer it could work, in Loeb’s hands I don’t have much confidence. My money is on her being revealed as either a revived Betty Ross or Rick Jones’ wife Marlo Chandler.

    The only way we are going to change things is with our collective wallets, the bottom dollar is all they care about.

    Sadly, I don’t think I am a strong enough person to do it.

  7. Watch you’re language man!

  8. Where Is The U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. MAD LiKE SKAAR AND HULK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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