Daily Archives: August 1, 2009

O.K. Seriously… Read This:

Not only has this guy made me pretty excited about the Hulk storyline again – but he makes pretty accurate points!  I have to give it to a guy who can read into things so blatant but not obvoius.  I only wish I could express myself half as well as this guy does.  Kudos to you Gary, who, by the way, owns every single Hulk appearance in comics.  I am well on my way – but am still off by a few thousand comics I’m sure!  Anyways, read the article!  Click on the image above and then click on the Who is the Red Hulk Article by Gary Miller!

Special Saturday Post!

I have updated the STORES page with a few new shops as well as added a great new website called hulkrage.com – you should absolutely check it out.  I have added it to my blogroll – but I made it easier for you as well – just click on Hulk at the top and it will take you there!

Also – found this blog that lists the top ten strangest Hulk toys – not that I agree with every one (#10?  WTF?  My favorite Hulk item ever!  And #8?  Again, one of my favorite items ever!) but it’s still a fun article.  Click on the image below: